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Yes, handsome is a compound word from the words 'hand' and 'some'.

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2 syllables in handsome and 3 syllables in handsome word

The Irish word for handsome is eireachdail.

The word 'handsome' when translated to Indonesian is gagah or tampan.

Handsome is not a Hebrew word.

The word handsome is an adjective.

There are two syllables in the word "handsome" - hand / some

handsome = "waseem" /wəsi:m/ وسيم

No, the term 'hand chair' is not a compound word, it is not a word for a specific thing.Examples of compound words for 'hand' and 'chair' are:handsomehandshakehand-offbackhandhandcuffshorthandfarm hand or ranch handhigh chairbarber chairchairmanarmchairside chair

the word handsome in Korean language is "jalsengyetta"

knap is the word for handsome in Dutch. This is the word used to say someone is attarctive.

All compound words are made up of separate words: Handsome = hand+some Something = some+thing Deadbeat = dead+beat Eyebrow = eye+brow Gingersnap = ginger+snap

ハンサムです it means handsome in my language

Because handsome is an adjective with two syllables and does not end in a 'y,' the comparative for the word uses more. The comparative for handsome is more handsome.

No, the word 'handsome' is an adjective, a word used to describe a noun as pleasing to look at; especially of a person (a handsome man); or a substantial amount of money (a handsome sum).A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence.Example: That handsome actor you like is in this movie. He plays the lead.The adjective 'handsome' describes the noun 'actor'.The pronoun 'he' takes the place of the noun 'actor' in the second sentence.

omorfos...eisai omorfos is you're handsome for a male

guapo"Handsome" in Spanish usually is the word "guapo".

The Korean word for handsome is pronounced haenseom. This is the Romanized version of how to say the word, the written version is spelled out using Hangul.

The word 'handsome' is an adjective. The word 'over' is functioning as a preposition. The word 'yeas' is a noun as the object of the preposition 'over'. The term 'handsome over the years' is a sentence fragment. There are NO pronouns in this sentence fragment.

airportCompound word is the compound word in your question.

Storebook is not a compound word. Storybook is a compound word.

No it is not a compound word

No. Compound is not a compound word because if you try to separate it, you would get com & pound. Com is not a word (the com in a website does not qualify as a word).

ex: The men look handsome in theirsuitsl lprepositional phrase Compound object

A non compound word is , a word with one word not two . For a example a compound word is snowflake. An non compound is hot cheetos.

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