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Yes, there are Baha'is in China. The Baha'i Faith is global and not limited to one geographic area.

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Q: Is there a Bahai in China?
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What kind of code does bahai faith use?

The Bahai Faith does not use any code in its scriptures, which everyone is encouraged to read for themselves. See the Bahai Reference Library for a good selection of Bahai scriptures, all for free. The Bahai community today also does not use codes, secret handshakes, etc..

What is a baha'i church called?

A Bahai place of worship is called: 1) a Bahai house of worship, 2) a Bahai temple or 3) a Mashriqu'l-adhkar These are three different names for the same thing.

Why do people get killed when trying to get out of the Bahai religion?

because the bahai religion is afraid that there are secrets that getting told to the outsideworld

What religion was born in Iran?

Bahai Zoroastrianism

What has the author William McElwee Miller written?

William McElwee Miller has written: 'Baha'ism' -- subject(s): Babism, Bahais 'The Bahai cause today' -- subject(s): Bahai Faith 'Baha'ism, its origin, history, and teachings' -- subject(s): Bahai Faith

What is the meaning of thusanung bahai?

To my knowledge, no such thing exists.

What religion is Haifa?

it has many but it is mainly jewish.and bahai :)

Who is a Baha'i devotee?

A Bahai is a disciple of Baha'u'llah and his son Abdu'l-Baha. Baha'u'llah was a Persian nobleman who founded the Bahai Faith, a new religion teaching world unity. He was imprisoned and banished and exiled, until he was eventually sent to Akka in the north of Israel. There's a good wikipedia page on the Bahai Faith.

What rock type is used to build bahai temple?


What religion started on 500 bc in Iran?

Bahai faith

What location is bahai practiced at?

There are believers in every country of the world.

What type of religion that they practice in Chile?

Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Bahai.