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Q: Is there a Halloween episode of Detective Conan?
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What happen in the last episode Detective Conan?

The last episode of Detective Conan has yet to air.

Where can you watch Detective Conan last episode?

Detective Conan is an ongoing episode so there is no last episode yet.

Which episode in detective Conan does heiji finds out Conan is shinichi?

detective Conan episode 57 or 58 partt 3 (time4:26)

Why detective Conan's episode 670 is not coming?

Detective conan 670 episode is already released. watch it on

Where can you find detective Conan episode?

What episode is it when Haibara meets the Detective Group?

It's episode 129 of the anime series Detective Conan.

Which episode of detective Conan is when detective boys solve the case?

the disappearing act

What is the number of the last episode of Detective Conan?

Naroto will die and Hainata will die after him <-- (?) The Last Episode of Detective Conan has not yet been aired; it is still ongoing.

What happens in the last episode of Detective Conan?

''there's no ending at detective Conan episode because the episodes of detective Conan are not yet finished. if you don't believe at these you may try searching for all episodes so you can confirmed that the last episode of detective Conan is not been finished'' as long as there is idea in Gosho Aoyama mind -Kaito Kid

Detective Conan last episode?

I don't know but detective Conan has two new seasons it has season 17 and 18

What episode in detective Conan does Hejii Appear in?

episode 49 in english dub

What is the longest anime episode?

Detective Conan 2 and half hour episode

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