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Yes, as of late 2011, a class called Mercedes that uses dual bow guns has come out.

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Q: Is there a Maplestory hero class related to an archer?
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What is Archer Hero's server address?

i want to no to please comment

Who is the next hero in Maplestory?

The first hero is Aran. Then came Evan and the limited edition Mercedes. Next, coming soon, is Phantom.

Is archer lee in hero 108 a girl?

No, the only girl active in Hero 108 is Mystique Sonia who is played by Kelly Sheridan.

When was Working Class Hero created?

Working Class Hero was created on 2007-05-01.

When does thief hero come out Maplestory?

It came out. Its called a dual bladeThe above answer is incorrect:The dualblade is an explorer type character the thief hero hasn't came out yet

What can you do in maplestory?

You kill monsters to get EXP(Experience Points), so you can level up and buy new armor/weapons. After that, you kill more monsters. To make all this boring "grinding"(as it's called) easier, they have made quests which (obviously) give rewards. A fun way to get to know the community is "PQing" or Party Questing. There are 4 types of characters: Explorer - The first set of MapleStory characters. They can go up to Level 200(Max Level), and get 5 AP(Ability Points) per Level. When you start with this type of character, you are a beginner. At Level 10, you can become a thief, warrior, bowman, or mage(Level 8 for mages). Cygnus Knight - A new class, which are like explorers, but can only go up to Level 120. They get 6 AP/level. Aran - A Hero warrior type of class. Mercedes - A Hero bowman type of class. Evan - A Hero magician type of class. Phantom- A Hero thief type of class. Dual Blade - A thief type of class. Cannon Shooter- A pirate type of class. Jett- A pirate type of class. Resistance - A new class, made of jobs such as Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, Demon Slayer, and Mechanic. Since MapleStory is a MMORPG, you can talk to people. So it's just your regular platformer RPG, which different characters and a multiplayer function.

Do you respawn on LOTR conquest?

When your character (warrior, archer,mage or scout) or hero dies, you have option to respawn.

Name of mythical archer?

robin hood William Tell is a folk hero of Switzerland Diana was the goddess of the hunt

How do change your class on battlefield heroes?

You can not change the class once the hero is made so create a new hero !! :D

Where is gym class hero bron?


What is Gym class hero?

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How do you use the term working class into a sentence?

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