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There is a patch for Pokemon Emerald with all the 1st, 2nd and 3rd pokemon. Nothing with all the 493 yet

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Q: Is there a Pokemon ROM on the PC where you can catch all 493 Pokemon?
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How do you catch all 493 Pokemon with a action reply?

you cant

Can you use all 493 pokemons in heartgold and soulsilver?

well you can get every Pokemon on the game not catch all 493 but if you do enough trading you can get all 493 and all 493 can follow you for more info got to

Is there new Pokemon in soul silver and what kind?

there arnt any new Pokemon but you can catch all 493 Pokemon

How do you catch all 493 Pokemon in Pokemon platinum?

You can use action replay to get the complete pokedex cheat, but you won't get all of the pokemon.

How many Pokemon is in Pokemon Pearl?

493. You have to trade with other games if you want to catch 'em all.

In Pokemon rangar can you catch all the Pokemon?

ALL 493?!?!?! ARE YOU CRAZY? of course not, not with those graphics on the DS game chip!

All 493 Pokemon cheat for Pokemon platanium?

There is no cheat for having all 493 Pokemon in your PC box. There are certain codes that will help you catch them all there is even the migrate function if you have a Pokemon for gameboy and a DS lite. Or the Pokemon transfer for Pokemon black and white

How many pocket monsters can you catch in diamond without cheats?

It's commonly refered to Pokemon. In diamond, you can now catch all 493 Pokemon due to recent events.

Is there any Pokemon hacked game where you can catch all the 493 Pokรฉmon and you have infinite masterballs?

Yep. in Pokemon Diamond an Pearl on a R4 cart.

What Pokemon is the strongest out of all 419?

there are 493 Pokemon

Can you catch nosepass Pokemon golden?

no because nosepass is from ruby Sapphire emerald though you could make a hack of the game with all 493 Pokemon

How much Pokemon is there on pearl?

493 Pokemon all together, however to catch them all you will need to attend Pokemon events, and have Pokemon fire red/ leaf green, diamond, ruby/sapphire/emerald.

How do you get all 493 Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond without an action reply or game shark?

You can buy the game Preloaded with all 493 Pokemon at:

How many Pokemon are there in exact?

There are 493 unique Pokemon in all.

How many Pokemon exist in all the Pokemon games together?

There are 493 Pokemon in all.

Can you get all 493 Pokemon in HeartGold?


Pokemon platinum cheat for all 493 Pokemon?

To get all 493 Pokemon you simply need to get all sinnoh Pokemon and beat the elite 4 and retreive the national dex from prof. Rowan

What are all the Pokemons in Pokemon explorers of darkness?

all 493 of them

What happens after you get all 493 Pokemon in Pokemon platinum?

nothing............. you just caught all the Pokemon congratulations

What happens when you catch all 493 Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

Three things: One your a excelent trainer. Two you get another coler up grade on your trainer card. Three make peopel Jealous with all your Pokemon :]

What are all the Pokemon on platinum?

There are 493 and I am not going to list them all here!

What is the quickest way to see all 493 Pokemon?

You can go on Pokemon websites and check out all the 493 Pokemon or you can get the action replay DS for you DS and get the 100% Pokedex complete code to see them all on your game.(IF YOU HAVE IT.)

How do you get all 493 Pokemon into Pokemon emerald?

you cant you cane only get about 300 different pokemon

What is the 492 Pokemon?

actually there is 493 Pokemon i suggest googling Pokemon pokedex to see them all

How do you get all 493 Pokemon in platinum?

the easiest way is to hack.