Is there a Statue of Liberty in Paris?

Yes, the Lady Liberty that proudly stands in New York was a gift from Paris in 1886. Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, the sculptor of the Statue, created a smaller, 35 foot version to use as a model for the larger version that is was first built in Paris and subsequently shipped here to the U.S. in pieces and reassembled. The Parisian Lady Liberty is roughly 1/10th the size of her American sister and is made of bronze instead of copper. It was erected by Americans living in Paris and is located on the Isle De Grenelle facing in the direction of her American counterpart. There is another "replica", smaller, located in the Jardins du Luxembourg. It is said that Bartholdi, who built the statue with the assistance of Eiffel, used two models for the statue: his mom for the face of the statue and his girl-friend for the body.