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Is there a biography of Jesus Christ?


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2011-11-05 00:52:18
2011-11-05 00:52:18's called the New Testament. It is part of the JudeoChristian bible. Read especially the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in The Bible.


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jesus (christ)=jesus, jesus-christ

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That is a wonderful question, but the Bible does not use much punctuation, so in reality, speaking of the grammar, it is suppose to be written Jesus, Christ. not Jesus Christ. As many references in the KJV of the Bible, is Christ Jesus, written correctly Christ, Jesus, or Jesus, Christ. It is referring to Christ.

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Our Lord's Biography is recorded in the Gospels.

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Jesus is his name which means Jehovah is Salvation and Christ is his position/office. Christ means anointed one. The Hebrew word is Messiah which means anointed one.

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The true church of Jesus Christ is made up of believers of Jesus Christ and is called the Body of Christ/ the Bride of Christ. Jesus Christ Himself is the Head of this mystical body of believers. Jesus Christ is our Lord, Master, Savior, and our God, as Jesus Christ is the second Person of the Holy Trinity.

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