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maybe gora geisen, gora means mountain, so likely it is a town in the mountains, but have never heard of that specific one

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No, there is not.

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Q: Is there a city named Goran Giesen in Ukraine?
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Is there a city named Desna in Ukraine?

Desna is a river in Russia and Ukraine.

Is Kiev a city or a state or a country?

Kiev is the capital and largest city of Ukraine. Ukraine is a country located in Eastern Europe.

Is Ozona a city in Ukraine and Texas it borders the Black Sea?

No. Odessa is a city in Texas and a city in Ukraine.

Is Ukraine a city?

Ukraine is a country in eastern Europe.

What is the name of the country of Ukraine?

If you mean capital city it is Kiev. Kiev is one o te oldest cities in Eastern Europe and was named capital city in 1934.

Where is Ukraine and what is its capital?

Ukraine is in the east of Europe. Its capital city is Kiev.

What country is kiev?

Kiev (properly spelled Kyiv) is the largest city in Ukraine. Kyiv is also the capital of Ukraine.

Chicken breasts rolled up with butter then breaded and fried are named for what nation's capital?

Ukraine. Kiev is the capital and largest city. Population: 46,300,000.

What in Ukraine starts with R?

Rivne is a city in Ukraine. It begins with the letter R.

What is the Largest city in Ukraine?


What is the oldest city in Ukraine?


When did Ukraine become a capital?

Ukraine is not a capital it is a country, its capital city is called Kiev.