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To this day, there here is a constitutional basis that definitely states for the American government is to charge an income tax. In the United States tax is determined by applying a tax fee which increases as income increases.

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Q: Is there a constitutional basis for the American government to charge an income tax?
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What allows income tax to be constitutional?

fuuck government

Does the government charge interest on SSI debts?

The Social Security Administration does not charge interest on a Supplemental Security Income overpayment.

What part of the Australian government is ATO in charge of?

The ATO of the Australian Government is in charge of revenue. The ATO collects income tax, Goods, and service tax along with other federal taxes of the government.

Why do states charge income tax?

To provide money to operate state government services.

Under which category does this Constitutional Amendment fall gave Congress the power to levy an income tax?

Power of the Federal Government

What is the median American income?

The median American income level is measured by the government and other organisations annually. The median American income level in 2011 is stated to be $50,502. This was a slight drop from the 2010 level of $51,144.

What do American income taxes pay for?

American income taxes pay for government services and protection, defense/military spending, roads, schools, and law enforcement.

The federal government may charge the rate of the income tax from year to year?

may charge OR do you mean may change the rate each year YES they can and do this each year.

What year made income tax constitutional?


Why did progressives support the sixteenth amendment?

Simple Answer: So that the federal government could support its operations by levying taxes on its citizens.

What has the author Frank Ransom Strong written?

Frank Ransom Strong is the author of "The Dividend Investor: How to Maximise Your Income by Investing in Shares" and "The Art of Growing a Beard".

The government creates income from what?

One of the ways through which the government gets income is taxation. The government also gets income from corporations or businesses that it has a stake in.