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Q: Is there a cream relaxer for kids less than 2years?
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Which ones bigger less than or equal to 25months or 2years?

former is bigger

What brands of hair relaxers are there?

A hair relaxer is a type of lotion or cream to make hair less tangled and easier to straighten. Several health and beauty brands offer this product including Pureology, John Frieda, and Bed Head.

What exactly does Affirm Relaxer by Avon do to one's hair?

The Avon Affirm Relaxer is just as it says, a hair relaxer. Sometimes women of all races can have super curly, frizzy, or otherwise untamed hair. This product simply helps relax the hair giving it a less chaotic look.

What is another name for light cream cheese?

Light cream cheese may be known as Diet cream cheese or Less Fat cream cheese. In North America it is called Neufchatel cheese. It has less fat than traditional Cream Cheese.

Meaning of light cream?

Light cream is sweet cream with less butterfat than heavy cream. I think in the UK light cream is called single cream and heavy cream is double or whipping cream.

What is a Chantilly?

Chantilly is a cream very similar to whipped cream. The main difference is that Chantilly cream is denser and less sweet.

Which has a greater density milk or cream?

Milk, the cream rises to the top therefore the cream is less dense

Is no base relaxer same as lye relaxer?

No. Sodium hydroxide contains lye which are known as lye relaxers. There are no base relaxers which are the preferred choice of Salon professionals because they are more gentle on the scalp. No lye relaxers are recommened for less resistant hair and requires frequent conditioning.

Which melts faster hard ice cream or soft ice cream?

Hard ice-cream, more harder, less air content.

How many calories in whipping cream?

In most whipped cream, there are no calories (or less than 0.5 grams).

Why ice cream melts faster than ice?

Ice cream is less dense than ice

Why might one container of ice cream weight less than another?

diffrent kinds of ice cream