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Is there a curve to the global state regents?

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What is the curve for the earth science regents?

Earth science curve is the biggest curve in all regents! if u manage to get up to atleast a 60 that curve will be around mind 80's. ! seriously 85% of students pass due to the curve. so yeah! : ) hope i helped Regents Examination in Physical Setting/Earth Science - June 2009

How many questions are on the math regents?

That depends on what state your regents is/are in.

How many pages does The Global Bell Curve have?

The Global Bell Curve has 380 pages.

Why do the global winds curve like they do?

Global winds are caused by unequal heating of the Earth's surface and they curve because... If the Earth did not rotate, Global Winds would not curve. They would be straight as a line. So because of EARTH'S ROTATION, global winds curve.

What is the budget of Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education?

The budget of Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education is 386,000,000 dollars.

Is there a curve on the 2009 geometry regents exam?

Yes, there will be a curve,but no one knows how much it will be yet; we'll find out Thursday June 25 2009

What is the ISBN of The Global Bell Curve?

The ISBN of The Global Bell Curve is 978-1-59368-028-2.

If you pass global regents do you have to take us history regents?

uhh yeahh. if you pass the global regents you move on to the to the us history class in order to graduate even if u fail the regent u can take it again. i actually failed the global 3 times and i am takin us history as of now. i passed the class and failed the regent only but yeahh its sucks. dont do drugs kids.

What makes global winds curve?

Coriolis force causes global winds to curve. As winds move north or south, they are deflected due to the rotation of the Earth. They curve to the west.

Will the Global Sim Card work in my AT&T Blackberry Curve?

Yes, the Global Slim Card will work on a At&t blackberry curve. Yes, the Global Sim Card will work with no problems in your AT&T Blackberry Curve. Simply use it as you would any Sim Card.

Can a seventh grader take the New York State regents exam?

Grade 7 Students cannot take the REGENTS exam, because most middle schools do not offer Regents courses, unless the student has advanced classes and are taking the advanced Regents courses.

Did you take the geometry regents?

No but I'am going to take it tomorrow i hear that there is a fair curve on it and there is about 28 multiple choice you have to atleast get 15-20 to pass !

What is a passing grade for the global regents?

In 8th grade my teacher always says u need a 85% on ur regents.-That is if you are in an honors class. In high school for example 9th grade and above u need 65% or higher to pass.

Is there a curve for the 2010 geometry regents?

It's not a curve, but they make it nearly impossible to fail a regents. If you look at some of the old exams, you only have to get 40 points out of 86ish to get a 65. If you were to get 10 points off (5 mult. choice or whatever extended response) you still get an 89. So pretty much, you're not going to fail unless you got more than half of the points off.

What do you have to get to pass the Spanish regents?

you have to get at least a 65 on the regents.

Is fatface in regents street?

Nope , it's not on Regents.

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