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Not really. Cornichons are spiced slightly differently, and cost more. But, they're basically the same: tiny pickled cucumbers.

AnswerContrary to popular believe, gherkins are not cucumbers. Gherkins and cucumbers are related but not the same plant race. This is a slight difference botanically, but quite a difference in taste and appearance.

Cornichons are indeed harvested before they are fullgrown. After that they are pickled according to a French recipe. This results in pickles that are slightly less salty then the average pickled gherkin.

Cornichons have more flavor, are tinier than baby gherkins. Gherkins can be substitued for Cornichons, but once you taste the real thing, it is tough to go back. They keep forever in the frige and are a tasty addition to tuna salad, devilled eggs and lots of other things.

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Q: Is there a difference between cornichons and baby gherkin pickles?
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How do you say i love pickles in french?

"J'aime les cornichons."

What is the other term for pickles?


What is the purpose of the gherkin?

Gherkins are small cucumbers of used in cooking or in making gherkin pickles.

What are some different kinds of pickles?

dill + gherkin

What are baby pickles called?

You might be thinking of the word "gherkin", which in common talk people often refer to the "baby pickles" as being. Gherkin is actually a type of pickle, but the word is more commonly used in America to mean simply "little pickles".

Are pickles and gherkins the same thing?

A gherkin is a specific type of pickle. So, all gherkins are pickles, but only a small percentage of pickles are gherkins.

What is the difference in regular cucumbers and pickling cucumbers?

A pickling cucumber is a variety of cucumber that is smaller than the regular cucumbers you find at your local grocery store. When mature, they have smaller seeds, have thinner and lighter skins, and are often used to make whole pickles, therefore the name. Gherkins are immature pickling cucumbers that through a pickling process are made into sweet gherkin pickles or dill gherkin pickles.

What is the difference between kosher and non-kosher pickles?

Non-kosher pickles have non-kosher ingredients.

How do you say my name is teddy and i don't like pickles in french?

mon nom est Teddy et je n'aime pas les cornichons

What is the difference between homologous analogous and vestigial structures?

pickles :3

What are the types of pickles?

The major types are dill, sweet, and bread and butter. Other classifications include kosher and gherkin.

What is the difference between dill pickles and polish dill pickles?

The spices involved. Dill is a spice that isn't in the polish which are hotter.

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