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Salary and earning potential are strictly dependent on the type of field you are in, your position within that field, the institution you work for, experience, expertise, personal abilities, critical thinking and problem solving abilities, dedication and commitment toward ones work, and more. In other words, there is no standard salary particular to an AA, AS, or any other type of degree. Thus, it is not solely the degree or major that determines a salary; it's more dependent on the individual who holds the degree.

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Q: Is there a difference in pay between AAS or AS degree?
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What is the difference in pay between a nurse with an ASN degree and a BSN degree?

As far as the pay, there is not much difference between what someone with a ASN degree makes compared to a BSN. In order to go beyond the typical responsibilities and pay of an ASN or BSN you would need to either gain further education (Master's Degree) or move into a supervisor position

What is the salary difference between marketing bachelor's degree and master's degree?

I could not give you an actual difference in salary because it depends on the job. But it a bachelor's degree will most likely earn you less pay than a masters degree.

What is the difference between administration and staff?

Administration is a member of the University who has a licensed teaching degree, and a staff member does not have a licensed teaching degree. The pay of a administration and staff member are very different.

What are the difference between Basic Salary and Net pay?

can u pls give me the difference between basic and net pay

What is the difference between pay cash and pay in cash?


What is the difference between pg diploma and masters degree. which degree will get high pay in Canada?

Higher pay is not solely based on a degree, but also on the individual who holds the degree. In other words, his/her education, expertise, experience, abilities, critical thinking skills, as well as other personality traits to include character, integrity, commitment and dedication to ones work etc. That being said, the higher the degree, the more marketable you will become.

What is the difference between gross pay and net after tax incomes?

The difference between gross pay and net pay is that gross pay is the amount that you receive before tax deductions and pay net is the money you take home after all the tax deductions

What do you call a nurse with a bachlor degree?

You call a nurse with a bachelor's degree, a nurse. Such a nurse is higher paid than one without a bachelor's degree. Pay is the difference, not title.

What jobs pay between 75-100k annual salary with a 4 year degree?

Most jobs that pay that much dont come from a four year degree noob. Most jobs that pay that much dont come from a four year degree noob. Most jobs that pay that much dont come from a four year degree noob. Disagree. I'm majoring in Marine Engineering which is a 4 year degree, and the average pay out of here is between 80-100K per year

What is the difference between a free internet service and one you pay for?

one you pay for and one you don't

What is the difference between an RN salary with a BSN degree or an associate's degree?

This is totally dependent on where you are working. However, what I was told when I was in nursing school (and what I found to be true in the 4 years I've been a nurse) is that the pay for the same job is often the same whether you have BSN or just RN behind your name. The real difference comes in the types of jobs for which you can apply. You will find most nurse manager and administrative nursing jobs require at least a bachelor's degree. In both the hospital and in the clinic where I have worked, there was no difference in pay given to either the floor nurse or the charge nurse related to their degree.

What is an important reason for knowing the approximate difference between your gross pay and your net pay?

Knowing the difference will allow you to develop a realistic budget based upon your take-home pay.