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I don't think so.

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Can females take Viagra?

Its not intended for female use

Is female Viagra different than mens?


Can men use female Viagra?

There is no such thing as female Viagra. & women are sexually stimulated in a very different way than men. So it wouldn't work if they did. Viagra is a prescription medication made by Phizer & it works on the Male "Plumbing" & makes a male get an erection. Viagra doesn nothing for the erotic desire nor sex drive. Since women don't need help with the "Plumbing" (they don't need an erection) that's why there is no female "Viagra" There is a female Viagra on the way but they are not quite done with it yet. Women also use Viagra for men since it increases the blood flow to the genitals which makes her excited more easily. It starts the tingeling.

Does female Viagra work?

Yes it works as long as the viagra is not fake and bought from a reputable seller and well know brand. Female viagra is designed for women who suffered from low libido. Each capsule contains ingredients that are necessary for treating sexual health problem of a woman.

How does female Viagra work?

Simple. It doesn't. Viagra only increased blood flow to your gentiles, it doesn't make it any more or less sensitive or increase pleasure. Female Viagra is a waste of money when you can get the same result from a little touching / foreplay. Don't waste you're money.

What is Viagra in Hindi?


Is Viagra an amphetamine?

No, Viagra is not amphetamine.

What is Viagra in norwegian?

Viagra (Not kidding)

What does Viagra do for small penises?

Viagra makes penises erect, but Viagra has side effects.

Can you take Viagra with micardis?

micardis and viagra

What prise of Viagra?

it is to you as viagra is to a blue MnM

Is there a difference between the chemical formula of Viagra for men and Viagra for women?

There is no such thing as Viagra for women.

I am 37 he's 60 I love him but how can I teach him to improve stamina sexually?

Viagra Viagra Viagra

Can a girl consume Viagra?

Let Viagra to men only. Girls taking Viagra. LOL.

What does Viagra contain?

The active ingredient in Viagra is sildenafil citrate. "Viagra" is the trade name used by Pfizer.

How to make home made viagra?

Viagra can not be made at home. Viagra must be prescribed by a medical doctor.

How do you get Viagra?

Viagra is only available on Prescription from your Doctor

Can women use mens Viagra?

there is women Viagra

Can you take Viagra with azithromycin?

Can you take azithromycin and Viagra

Is Viagra an opiate?

No. Viagra contains no opiate compounds.

Does bayer make Viagra?

Pfizer are makes of Viagra

Can you buy Viagra in turkey?

Can I buy Viagra in turkey

Is generic Viagra safe to take?

There is no generic Viagra

Do you take Viagra with water?

i never use Viagra

Can you get a girl pregnant on Viagra?

No, there are no sperm cells in viagra.