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Depends on the Lender, some do, most dont. It would be god on your part to take pics of the car when you turn it in. CYA deal.

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Q: Is there a form to use when voluntarily surrendering your vehicle?
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Can a company refuse to reimburse employees for business use of their personal vehicle?

Yes, but only if the employee used his own vehicle voluntarily and a company vehicle was available.

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Why does the California highway patrol use form 180?

For towing vehicles. The form also indicates whetehr the vehicle is stored or impounded. If it is impounded you have to go through CHP to recover your vehicle. If it is stored you can get it out of the lot on your own.

Where in the car is the transmission fluid check point?

It varies form vehicle to vehicle, year to year, etc. Some have a dipstick, others use a fill plug.

What is one a chp 180 form?

The CHP (California Highway Patrol) 180 form is a vehicle report for towed/impounded vehicles. Many California police agencies use them, some agencies use an online version of the form.

What if you voluntarily contact the finance company to return your vehicle and they do not want it back?

The lender has no legal obligation to recover a vehicle and usually will not if the vehicle has greatly depreciated due to age and/or condition. The buyer cannot receive a clear title to the vehicle until the loan is paid or satisfied. The lender can use whatever means allowed under the laws of the debtor's state to collect monies owed, including filing a lawsuit against the debtor.

Can you use a small claims judgment to place a lien on the debtor's vehicle?

In most states, you cannot get a lien on a vehicle unless the debtor voluntarily grants one to you. Your other option is to have the vehicle sold at a public auction to help satisfy the debt. * Small claims judgments are generally for monetary recovery only. The judgment can be executed as a wage garnishment or in some states as a bank account levy.

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Do you need to renew your license if you do not use your vehicle?

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You let your son use your car now you want it back what do you do if he wont give it back?

If your son is refusing to return your vehicle and it's registered in your name, you rson is committing grand theft. You'll need to contact the police and report the vehicle stolen. Be warned, though, if they find the vehicle, they'll probably arrest your son. The owner cannot report the vehicle as stolen since he or she is aware of who has possession of said vehicle. If the person refuses to voluntarily return the vehicle, the owner can request the assistance of the police department that has jurisdiction where the vehicle is located. The owner must appear at the police department with proper identification and the vehicle title and registration as proof of ownership, before authorities will render assistance. In a few cases the owner may need to obtain a court order to retrive the vehicle. Such action depends upon where said vehicle is being kept, such as a locked facility.

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What is the statute of limitations for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle in Texas?

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