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there is in diamond and pearl but i think there is.

Yes! It is! 1670047D 04815C68 18452A7D DDE55BCC

But turn it off during the battle.

Works for me!

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Can you get shiny Pokemon with gameshark?

Of course! you just have to type in the right gameshark code for your version!!

Gameshark pokemon shiny crystal?

The code for encountering shiny Pokemon is 910730D2.

Where you can get Pokemon Fire Red Japanese Version codebreaker or gameshark codes I have codebreaker or gameshark codes of English version but i want of Japanese version.?

this is gameshark. (M)must be on 386ba876fd82 Shiny code 386f85903a39 7504ad858cb9

Is there a gameshark code for shiny Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

yes there is

Is there a GameShark wild Pokemon shiny code for?

shiny Pokemon 958D8046 A7151D70 8BB602F7 8CEB681A

Gameshark code for shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Emerald?

nope not at all.

What is the shiny Pokemon gameshark code for Pokemon emerald?

Search it up!!!!!

Is there a gameshark code for Pokemon sapphire to get all the Pokemon you have shiny?


What is the code for encountering shiny Pokemon?

it is a gameshark cheat for emerald version it turns any wild Pokemon you crash into, into its shiny version M code must be on 00006fa7000a 1006af880007 the awesome code 83007ce40021 83007ce60300 53000020000f 044800684589 808900042843 1860c0460148 0047905d0003 177c06080000

Where do you enter the shiny code?

you go to cheats then you click gameshark code then you type in master code then shiny pokemon if no master code just type in the shiny pokemon code a description

Is there a Gameshark code that makes a Pokemon you already have shiny?

its 5fe7664bf590

What is the shiny code for gameshark on Pokemon LeafGreen?

FEBB0A6A8203 087B9AD720EE

What is the code for a shiny Pokemon?

There is no code for a shiny Pokemon on action replay but if you bye Gameshark for 20$ Canadian you can search it up on

What is the Pokemon Emerald Gameshark SP Wild Shiny Pokemon Modifier?

There is no code!

Is there a gameshark code for Pokemon sapphire for shiny Pokemon?

Yes, but I don't know it.

What is the master code for shiny Pokemon on Pokemon leafgreen for gameshark sp?

there is no master code its only a 1/150 chance that you will see a shiny Pokemon

Pokemon ruby gameshark steal Pokemon code English version?


How do you use the gameshark code for shiny Pokemon with the wild Pokemon modifier?

you have to have Action Reply ds

Is there a have all key items gameshark cheat code for Pokemon shiny gold?

no no no no no no no

You used the gameshark code to get shiny Pokemon but it said the code was corrupt How do you get it to work?

well, something's wrong with ur gameshark or the code's wrong.

Can you get a gameshark code for Palkia for Pokemon Sapphire version?


Pokémon emerald gameshark shiny Pokémon?

Note: This is for the North American Version. ACTION REPLAY: Master Code: 9266FA6C97BD905B5ED35F81B76A68E5FAB1 Shiny Code: A2A4317B 9817FF81093ECE84 CE99DAF59045E027 05EA1143A6A74710 82BD7E29 Now for Gameshark: F3A9A86D 4E2629B418452A7D DDE55BCC There is no Master Code for this. NOTE: The Gameshark code is disabled if you use a walk through walls code. (Gameshark Code was the shiny.)

Is there a Gameshark Pokemon Firered VisualBoyAdvance shiny code that works with the Pokemon encounter codes and if so what is it?

There is definitely no gameshark in free red but the is a game corner

What is the master code about in Pokemon Ruby version?

A master Code allows you to get any Pokemon desired with gameshark

How do make a Pokemon shiny in Pokemon emerald?

you can't make it you need a gameshark code for that. Here it is [m] must be on 9266FA6C97BD 905B5ED35F81 B76A68E5FAB1 shiny code F3A9A86D4E2629B4 18452A7DDDE55BCC

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