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Yes. Free fall can be graphed on a position-time graph and a velocity-time graph.

Refer to the related link below for examples.

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Q: Is there a graph of the acceleration rate of a falling object?
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What is the rate of acceleration for a falling object?


What is the rate of acceleration of an object on the moon?

-- The rate of acceleration of an object on the moon is(the net force on the object)/(the object's mass) .-- If the object is falling, with nothing but the force of gravity acting on it, thenits acceleration is 1.623 m/s2 (compared to 9.807 on Earth).

How does the force of the gravity affect the rate of the acceleration?

Acceleration of a falling object is directly proportional tothe force of gravity in the object's location.

What is the acceleration of a falling object that had reached its terminal velocity?

An object that has reached its terminal velocity is going at a constant velocity. Acceleration is the rate of change of the velocity. The rate of change is zero. Therefore, the acceleration is zero.

The constant velocity of a falling object?

A falling object doesn't have constant velocity.It has constant acceleration. That means that its velocity increases at a steady (constant) rate.The rate is called the "acceleration of gravity".

Why is the slope of velocity graph the acceleration of gravity?

The slope of a straight line tells the rate at which your variables are changing. In this case, it tells you how your velocity is changing over time, which in physics is how we define acceleration. If you graph the velocity of an object vs time when it is falling through the air, it gives to the acceleration due to gravity because that is the acceleration all objects fall at.

When the slope of v t graph is negative and constant what is the nature of acceleration?

acceleration is the slope of the v t graph... so the acceleration is constant and negative. In other words, the object is slowing down at a constant rate.

What is the slope of a acceleration- time graph?

Rate of change in the acceleration.

What is the gradient of acceleration time graph?

There is not a word for it but it it the rate of change of acceleration.

What does the slope of an acceleration time graph indicate?

The rate at which acceleration is changing.

What is the rate of acceleration due to the force of gravity?

A falling object speeds up at a rate of 9.8 meters per second each second.

What is the acceleration rate for falling objects?


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