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Arctic antics codes?

arctic1 igloo8 ruler cooler snowing majorapple bigapple snowshoe99. yellow99(gets a banana). Combination codes are Wide Green Leaf New Yellow Kite Old Orange Octopus

How do you get money maker?

dont use it hacker. you get virus and that not good. it does not exist. please dont use it.

What is the Arctic Antics coupon codes?

Actually, if you try icebox1, it works. it rewards you 20 points. da best 1 is alpine52. it gives u 52 points. Actuually what chuu said is right^^^^Not what i said , but the besstt iss tweet55 It gives youu 55 points so Haa . Here's the best one bluebird gives you 50 and jumbocode gives you ( Full Answer )

Arctic Antics coupon codes?

arctic1 igloo8 snowing cooler whitewash ruler lemon script school alpine52 nano9 snowshoe99 wheel noodle atom /all that is about 400 arctic points

Where are all the gold bars in the Arctic antics treasure hunt?

I don't know where ALL of them are, but I now where gold bars 6,7,8 are. 6: Ones at the cursor tryout page. Click the 4th one then the 2nd one. 7: Click on lottery ticket then click on cool comp. Play the game. You must to get a good score to earn a gold piece. 8: It is on the vi ( Full Answer )

What is the first coupon code on Arctic Antics?

here are all the coupon codes that work. nano9, ruler, yellow99 (gives banana), whitewash, igloo8, arctic1, snowing, snowshoe99, cooler, noodle, wheel, school, atom, lemon, script, alpine52. Thats all of them up to date. all that is like 500points.

What are the Arctic Antics coupon codes?

Coupon Codes . arctic1 . igloo8 . ruler . cooler . snowing . snowshoe99 . yellow99 (gets a banana) . whitewash . jumbocode 100 points! . bluebird . atom . school . wheel . noodle . lemon . nano9 . script . alpine52 . tweet55 . puppet Combination Codes . Wide Green Lea ( Full Answer )

Where are all of treasure bars on Arctic Antics?

Gold Bar 1 : Go to anyone's profile who has done "Quest the first" and then click the building on the achievements list to play the game "heads" to get a gold bar. . Gold Bar 2 : This ones a bit tricky . Go to "Tigirl's Blog" in cool comp's favourite blogs. There , first click the main heading whic ( Full Answer )

Where are the gold bars in Arctic Antics?

They aren't in order Hope you find them all 1. cursor tryouts page. click the 4th penguin then the 2nd penguin. 2. Log on to arctic antics. Then go to (dont log out) 3. log on to arctic antics. Type this in the address bar: ( Full Answer )

Arctic antic coupon codes?

Arctic1 Igloo8 Snowing Cooler Ruler Whitewash Snowshoe99 Atom School Wheel Noodle Lemon Nano9 Script alpine52 yellow99 (for a banana) the best one is TWEET55 (MUST be uppercase!!! Not the 55) The best one is this 2 bluebird contains 50 and the be ( Full Answer )

Arctic antic special coupons?

arctic1 . igloo8 . ruler . cooler . snowing . snowshoe99 . yellow99 (gets a banana) . whitewash . jumbocode 100 points! . bluebird . atom . school . wheel . noodle . lemon . nano9 . script . alpine52 . tweet55 . puppet I got this off another person. they do work though :) .

How do you get a lot of points in Arctic antics?

The first one is that you go to cursor tryout and then click the2nd and 5th cursor to get 25 points. Then, you can go to thecombination page [click the two penguins at the bottom of the homepage] and type short yellow camel, old orange octopus or wide greenleaf.

Arctic antics crack the code for July?

Answers . Crack the Codes Page #1 . Code 15 : brownshoe Code 16 : greenhouse Code 17 : bluetooth Code 24 : boom. Crack the Codes Page #2 . Code 18 : pinktable Code 19 : brownsauce Code 20 : blacktorch. Crack the Codes Treasure Version . Code 21 : Haven't figured it out yet Code 22 ( Full Answer )

How do you finish the first quest in arctic antics?

1. Go down to the river . 2. Follow river to the right . 3. Look under the platform . 4. Investigate the entrance . 5. Pick up heavy iron bar . 6. Crawl back out . 7. Go back up the bank . 8. Walk along the riverbank to the left . 9. Follow river left . 10. Follow river left . 11. Go towar ( Full Answer )

How to win arctic antics?

u just get a lot of points and then u ur win but then u dont win it instead u get 12000000000000 points for the person in second place

Where are the bananas in the banana hunt on arctic antics?

THE BANANA HUNT: . 1 . Go to the Game Cheats Toolbar, search Arctic Antics, press ENTER and scroll down to the bottom. 2 . Go to Higher-Or-Lower game. Click "Pay to play" and the click the advertisement with the emoticons. 3 . Go to coupons page and enter yellow99. Press "Enter" and a banana wi ( Full Answer )

Where are the bananas in arctic antics?

I don't know all of them but I know quite a few. Here's where they are:. Go to the quest page and wait for five seconds and if you didn't click it fast enough it will disappear and you will have to go to the quest page and do all those things all over again.. Go on walrus chat and then go to the ( Full Answer )

Banana Hunt Arctic Antics?

If you want to complete the Banana Hunt in Arctic Antics, then here is what to do: 1. Go to Cool Comp's profile and click on his picture. 2. Click on Instant Action Games and go to the bottom of the page. There you will find a banana 3. Click on Games Cheat Toolbar and in the toolbar write 'arctic ( Full Answer )

Where is number 3 and number 9 banana on arctic antics?

Number 3 is in the instant action games and click the word click here and there will be banana but it don't work no more BC it takes you right to webfiti....number 9 is on the webfiti page and keep refreshing it until there is a banana

You want how to get a lot of points of arctic antics?

click on cool comps cat to get 20 arctic points click on the two penguins at the bottom of the screen and type old orange octopus or wide green leaf go to games cheat toolbar and type in arctic antics dont press enter click on search go to cursor tryout page and click on the second and fith cu ( Full Answer )

How do you hack arctic antics?

Just to let you know that site doesn't work (http :// it apparently converted your 2000 points to 3000, but its hard enough to get 2000 let alone 3000) and i went to it before and the owner has delete the download for some strange reason. If you want ( Full Answer )

Were can you get a money maker?

for club penguin? go to club penguin money, then you have to dowload it and then it asks how much money, answer that. it will take a long time to download but the you have alot of money for your PENGUIN!! :)

Where is the turkey number 3 on arctic antics?

Turkey hunt guide:. 1. Go to Cool Comp's Shop and press Tasty. 2. Go to Results of last week's competition and press Roasted. 3. Go to Cool Comp's Favorite Blogs and press Cluck. 4. Go to Walrus Chat. Scroll down till the end and there press Gobble. There is another turkey. * 5. Go to Our C ( Full Answer )

Arctic antics Where is the beaky bonus?

go to take the quiz make sure you complete the quiz then go back to the home page then back to take the quiz then, you will see an image of a penguin hover over and then click on the penguins beak that's it!

Where is the random rabbit on arctic antics?

Well, some people say they found it on the main could look here? idk, it did not work for me, though.

How do you hack fast points on arctic antics?

well there's 2 ways 1.) stop playing 2.) don't cheat and play properly the more you play the more points you get the people that end up getting the club penguin membership spend all day getting points

How do you hack points on arctic antics?

you may be able to hack points on arctic antics because people get over 2000 points each day so there is no other alternative but to hack points

What is Arctic Antics?

It is a place where you can win a free 12 month Club Penguin membership by playing games and wining points which if you end up with the most points for that contest. You win the membership. And there are multiple contest so multiple chances to win! Have fun!

How do you get Arctic points in Arctic Antics?

Well you know the very right space ya you click on those like I'll give you a example so it will say stuff like this ask a question,the daily, question higher or lower,tile puzzel, hologram,invite a friend, and so on.

How do you get 1000 easy points on arctic antics?

Go onto the gam "Make A Cartoon" and play that and you get 400 points. Then play on Goldfishes Birthday, download the card creator, make a card for the goldfish, and submit it and you get 500 points. Lastly, go on the game "Write A Sentence" and finish of a story to get 100 points. So all them point ( Full Answer )

What are good money makers runescape?

Anything that gives resources: mining, fishing, woodcutting, killing cows. For example, even at level 1 mining, you can get clay, which is currently worth over 150 coins each, over 4K for a full inventory. Just mine it, and sell it at the Grand Exchange.

What can you use for a tootsville money maker?

Play some easy games like- Wordcube Seek and Hide Flying Kiwi Or- Win joke contests (sometimes) Win games with a magic toot, May we cross, Toot spy, Trivia -PuffleGirl126

How do you win picture puzzle on arctic antics?

Work out what each picture is. For example, this is a dog. . Now remove all the letters with a line through them . . Finally, add in all the e x t r a letters.