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Is there a new backyardigans CD?


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Yesss!!!! "Born to Play" has 16 regular tracks, as well as all six "bonus tracks" from "Tale of the Mighty Knights". Here's the playlist, along with the episode that each song came from:

1. Ready for Anything ("Mission to Mars")

2. We Love a Luau ("The Legend of the Volcano Sisters")

3. Tuba Polka ("Polka Palace Party")

4. I Feel Good ("Cops and Robots")

5. Go, Go, Go ("Race Around the World")

6. The Customer is Always Right ("The Swamp Creature")

7. Surf's Up, Ho Daddy ("Surf's Up")

8. Almost Everything is Boinga featuring Alicia Keys ("Mission to Mars")

9. Nothing Too Tough ("Save the Day")

10. W-I-O-wa ("Newsflash")

11. I'm a Mountie ("The Snow Fort")

12. Racing Day ("Race Around the World")

13. I Never Fail to Deliver the Mail ("Special Delivery")

14. Lady in Pink featuring Cyndi Lauper ("Super Secret Super Spy")

15. Nobody's Bigger Than a Giant ("A Giant Problem")

16. Hurry Home ("Monster Party")

"Tale of the Mighty Knights" bonus tracks:

17. A Challenge

18. Dragon Mountain

19. Goblin

20. Not an Egg featuring Adam Pascal

21. Tweedily Dee

22. We're Knights

Excellent CD!