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Gentle Treament has a relaxer just for gray hair.

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What is the difference between a relaxer and a perm?

A perm adds curl to straight hair and a relaxer straightens curly hair.

Which is better perm or relaxer?

It depends on the look you are going for. If you want curly hair then use a perm but if you want straight hair than use a relaxer.

How long to wait to get a perm after u had a perm?

For a perm ( or actually relaxer ) I would wait 3-6 weeks, and depending on the growth rate of your hair, because you don't perm the Whole head, just the roots-after you've had the initial relaxer put in.

Can you bleach your hair after you relax or perm it?

NO, Your hair is already being damaged by the perm or relaxer. I would wait a while before applying bleach to it. It will kill your hair and will cause hair loss, frizz and damaged hair.

Is a hair relaxer better than straight perms to straighten hair?

relaxer and straight perm are basicly the same thing

How can you make curly hair straight?

Use a hair straightener, or get a perm/relaxer.

Does china anne mcclain geta perne on her hair?

If you're trying to say perm? No, she gets a relaxer on her hair, perm is to make hair chemically curly, relaxer is to make hair chemically straight. She also attmited she relaxs her hair!

What is the difference between perms and relaxers?

A relaxer is where you get your hair straightened. A perm is when you get your hair curly.

Can you use neutralizer to do straightening of hair?

Neutralizer are applied after a relaxer or perm. A relaxer straightens and a perm curls. Neutralizer locks the hair into it's straight shape and it also removes the chemicals from your hair to make it stop working.

Can you wash your hair after a perm?

Yes. Most people confuse the two. Perm and Relaxers are different but with either you can shampoo your hair afterwards. A perm adds curls and a relaxer straightens the hair.

What can you wash your hair with to remove a perm?

Nothing. There is no product that can was out a relaxer because it is a chemical that is meant to permanently straighten your hair, hence why it is called a Perm. The only way to get rid of a perm is to cut it out.

Is it better to perm then dye or dye then perm African American hair?

it is better to perm the hair then dye because the chemicals in the relaxer will strip the hair of color. This increases the risk of your hair color being lighter than you desired.

What is Relaxed Hair?

Relaxed hair is hair that has been chemically straightened. And it is perminitly straight until you grow the relaxer/perm out

What are some way you can get a relaxer out without cutting your hair?

when you get a relaxer u do not have to cut your hair. All you have to do is if you been scratching put grease or oil on your scalp. If you are ok you have to part your hair in very small sections and put the perm on their. When u done with that you have to comb or work the relaxer. to do this part your hair with the perm still on there and comb the new growth to make it straight. you do not have to cut your hair at all.

Can you use super perm in your hair with glue in it?

The texture and condition of your overall hair shall determine the proper relaxer strength to use.A perm is different from a relaxer.Mild relaxers is used on healthy, color treated hair, fine-textured hair.Regular relaxer is used on curly to medium textured hair.Super is used on over curly, coarse-textured or resistant hair.If you have hair glue in your hair, I recommend purchasing hair glue remover and the proper strength relaxer according to the condition of your hair.

How do you straighten hair fast?

you ca straighten your hair fast by using a flat iron or getting a relaxer (perm)

Can you perm hair after chemically straightening your hair?

It's not recommended that you perm your hair after you have relaxed your hair. Perms are different from a Relaxer and they both contain different chemicals that's not compatible with each other. It can lead to hair breakage.

What does a texturizer do is it the same as a perm or relaxer?

A texturizer gives your hair volume and creates a piecey look.

My hair isn't curly anymore because I used a hair relaxer but is it possible to restore my curly hair again?

You can get a perm, but you have to wait until your relaxer is completely out of your hair. To prevent your hair from frying off, or other damage. -cosmetologist :]

Does a perm make your hair fall out?

If a relaxer or "perm" is completed incorrectly, yes it can make your hair shed or fall out. Applied and used properly most people get and see great results. However it is normal for some hair to shed, but excessive shedding may be a problem with or without chemical use. Always follow the instructions on the application jar or box for a relaxer or perm.

How long do you wait to get braids after getting a perm?

You should wait atleast 2 to 3 weeks to get braids after having your hair chemically treated by a perm or relaxer.

What happens to your hair when you wash it after a perm?

Nothing happens, you basically just washed your hair.You can wash your hair up to one day after your relaxer. I would just avoid using protein until at least a week after washing to help strengthen hair. A chemical treatment such as a relaxer is permanent. If you could wash out a relaxer...do you know how many people would never chop off their relaxed ends when going natural?

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