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Is there a picture of Wendy Williams as a man?


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No, Wendy Williams is not a man.

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I do not know how old "it" is, but everything about Wendy Williams indicates to me that "it" is a MAN!!!

no wendy williams is just a really ugly girl

no Wendy William isn't a man she just has manly features

Wendy Williams proof that she is a woman comes straight from her. There have been rumors for years that she is a man, they are all lies.

No, Wendy Williams is a woman.but look like 1

she is a man. if you consentrate on his voice it sound like a man

Yes she was born as a man

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Wendy Williams is a t v show host for her own show the Wendy Williams show

she looks like one but she's not

Of course not!! Even though Wendy does resemble a man, I know that men can't push out children from down under (if you catch my drift). For as Wendy has 2 children.

No. Talk show host and media personality Wendy Williams is female. She is married to Kevin Hunter and has one son.Williams was born in Asbury Park, New Jersey to Thomas and Shirley WilliamsNo

Well since Wendy Williams is a drag queen I am sure that her husband is man. Most drag queen have straight husbands

Wendy Williams was born on July 18, 1964.

Wendy Williams makes $8,000,000 per season.

The Wendy Williams Experience ended in 2007.

Yes Wendy Williams is married. If you dont know who Wendy Willaims is then type it in Answers.com!!!

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Wendy Williams just said on her show that she is 5' 11''.

No, Wendy Williams' son is her biological son

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The duration of The Wendy Williams Show is 3600.0 seconds.

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