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Is there a picture of vin diesel kissing a guy?


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No, there are no public pictures of Vin Diesel kissing a guy. In fact, Vin is happily married to his wife Paloma Jiménez.

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How can i meet vin diesel for a picture

Yea but i dont know where. I just know it was on a magazine once.

No, Vin Diesel is not in a relationship with Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). I don't even see how that would be, one acts as a "tough guy" and one is a tough guy

yes it is, in fact vin diesel's mother looks almost exactly like vin diesel, which is why his girlfriend is the mother of his vin diesel daughter.

yes vin diesel have one children their name is lluvia diesel.

Vin Diesel has a daughter, Hania Riley.

Vin Diesel is 5'10" (178 cm) tall.

Vin Diesel did not get married. He has a girlfriend and she is the mother of his child.

Vin Diesel was born on July 18, 1967.

no vin diesel is not part of our family

As far as I know Vin Diesel doesn't have any tattoos.

yes Vin diesel isdating Paloma Jimenez

Vin Diesel, the American actor, has no verified twitter account.

Yes it is Vin Diesel, even though he is a very personal person he made a Vin Diesel page because he thought the fans needed one.

Vin Diesel has an Italian mother and a bi-racial (italian and black) father. Vin Diesel is majority Italian. Both parents are from America. Did this answer your question?

Vin Baker goes by Vin Diesel.

Vin Diesel is married to a girl named Paloma Jimenez.

There are some pictures of vin diesel u need to search well

No. "Vin Diesel" is the stage/professional name of the actor Mark Sinclair.

Vin Diesel plays Dominic (Dom) Toretto in Fast and Furious.

Sadly, yes, Vin Diesel does have a girlfriend. Her name is Paloma Jiminez and she is a Mexican model.

Nope - Mark Sinclair (aka Vin Diesel) was born in New York.

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