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"Sidewinder" describes a pitcher, not a pitch. A sidewinder is a pitcher whose delivery is parallel to the ground, so his arm comes out at nine o'clock, instead of coming up and over the shoulder at twelve o'clock.

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Is a sidewinder nocturnal?

yes. a sidewinder snake is nocturnal.

Is a sidewinder snake poisonous?

Yes they are poisonous. The sidewinder is a common name for a rattle snake. The sidewinder is a species of rattlesnake.

What is the scientific name for sidewinder rattlesnake?

The sidewinder is Crotalus Cerastes.

When was Sierra Sidewinder created?

Sierra Sidewinder was created in 2007.

What does the sidewinder snake look like?

It is called the sidewinder because it moves from side to side in the sand.

What does a sidewinder snake look like?

What does the sidewinder snake look like

When was Suzi Sidewinder born?

Suzi Sidewinder was born in 1955, in USA.

When did Suzi Sidewinder die?

Suzi Sidewinder died in 1987, in USA of complications from AIDS.

Is a sidewinder herbivore?


What does a sidewinder eat?

The sidewinder snake's diet consists mostly of mice, kangaroo rats, and lizards.

What are the release dates for Sidewinder - 1981 VG?

Sidewinder - 1981 VG was released on: USA: 1981

What are the release dates for Sidewinder - 1988 VG?

Sidewinder - 1988 VG was released on: USA: 1988

Is the Mojave Desert sidewinder cold blooded?

Yes, all snakes, including the sidewinder, are cold blooded.

Does a sidewinder eat a rabbit?


Is the sidewinder rattlesnake a flora or fauna?

Flora are plants and Fauna are animals so a sidewinder rattlesnake would be a Fauna.

If you were a sidewinder would you drink a lot of water?

Sidewinder snakes get most, if not all, of their water intake from the animals that the ingest.

What are the release dates for Sidewinder 1 - 1977?

Sidewinder 1 - 1977 was released on: USA: August 1977

What does a sidewinder look like?

A Sidewinder Rattlesnake is a foot or two long and is tan or brown in color with dark patches. You can tell it is a Sidewinder by looking at its head. They have raised scales about their eyes that look like horns.

What desert does a sidewinder life in?

Sidewinder rattlesnakes live primarily in the Mojave and Sonoran deserts of the southwestern United States and Mexico.

Can you get a sidewinder PC steering wheel to work on Xbox?

No you can't because you have to have the drivers installed on the xbox for the sidewinder steering wheel.

In which desert does a sidewinder live?

The sidewinder rattlesnakes live in the Mojave and Sonoran deserts of the southwestern United States and northwest Mexico

What is a sideways tornado called?


Are sidewinder snakes venomous?


What is an enemy to a sidewinder snake?


What color is a Sidewinder?

What color are Sidewinders