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yes there is a small town in Wales named after wales itself it is in the south of wales and has the name of cymru.

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Q: Is there a place in Wales called cymru?
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Why is Wales called cymru?

Cymru is welsh for Wales

What is a fact about Wales?

A fact about Wales is that it is called Cymru in its own language.

What is Wales cymru slogan?

Wales's slogan is 'Cymru Am Byth', which means 'Wales Forever'.

What country do the welsh call cymru?

we call wales cymru

What does Cymru am bach mean?

Its not Cymru am Bach that means wales for small its Cymru am Byth and it means Wales Forever

What is Wales's motto?

The motto of Wales is 'Cymru am byth'.

What is the Welsh names for Wales?


What is the Welsh name for Wales?


What is welsh for Wales forever?

cymru am byth

What is Pride of Wales in Welsh?

balchder Cymru

What is the motto of Wales?

Cymru Am Byth:Wales Forever

What is the Welsh for 'Wales forever'?

Cymru am Byth.

What does cymru am byth mean?

My translator says it is Welsh for "Wales about forever". It actually means Wales For Ever Although the above 2 are correct - they are the 'literal' translations, in welsh we speak the words in a different order to those in English - the actual meaning of 'Cymru am byth' is God Bless Wales - Cymru being the welsh word for Wales!

What was the original name of Wales?

The name 'Wales' is an Anglicisation of the Latin name 'Wallia', which was given to Wales by the Romans as meaning 'the Land of the Foreigners'. In Welsh, the nation is called 'Cymru' (pronounced 'Kumree').

What is Little Wales in Welsh language?

Cymru fach

How do you say love wales in welsh?

Caru Cymru

How do you say wales rule in welsh?

cymru am byth

What is the welsh pronunciation for Wales?

Cymru (pronounced cumree)

How did Wales the country get its name?

From the Romans- they named it 'Wallia', which is Latin for 'Land of the Foreigners'. This became converted into 'Wales' in the Anglo-Saxon tongue. Wales in the Welsh language is called 'Cymru' (pronounced 'kumree'), and in French it is called Pays de Galles.

What is welsh for come on wales?

Yn dod ar Cymru.

What is the meaning of the Welsh word Cymru?

It means "Wales", in Welsh.

What is the welsh name of wales?

Cymru Pronounced 'Cum-ree'

What does the name plaid cymru mean?

It means "The Party of Wales".

What is the Welsh for 'Wales is awesome'?

Mae Cymru yn syfrdanol.

What is well done Wales in Welsh?

Da iawn Cymru.