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Pterodactyl was a real animal. It was a type of flying reptile, but it was neither a dinosaur nor a bird.

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Is a pterodactyl a bird or a dinosaur?

It is neither. A pterodactyl looked like a bird, and was related to dinosaurs, but was neither bird or dinosaur.

Was the Pterodactyl a bird?

No, it was a flying reptile (not a dinosaur).

What was the winged animal resembling both dinosaur and birds?

A Pterodactyl was a dinosaur that looked like a bird.

Why is a Pterodactyl considered a reptile and not a dinosaur?

Its to big to be a bird and its skin texture is to reptile like

Was the pterodactyl fastest dianasaur?

No and the Pterodactyl is not a dinosaur. It is a flying reptile.

Is a pterodactyl a saurischian or a ornithischian?

Neither. Pterodactyl was a pterosaur, not a dinosaur.

Is an aerodactyl a dinosaur?

I think you're trying to say Pterodactyl. No, the Pterodactyl wasn't a dinosaur. It was just a flying reptile.

What is a piscivore in a food chain?

a piscivore is an animal or bird etc. that eat fish/ Pisces. dinosaur example: pterodactyl.

What does a pterodactyl look like?

A pterodactyl was a flight-capable dinosaur, and looked like a cross between a reptile and a bird. It had wings rather than forelimbs, and often is depicted with an elongated crest on the skull.

How do you spell pterodactyl?

That is the correct spelling for pterodactyl, one type of flying dinosaur (pteradon).

How do you spell teridactle?

PTERODACTYL - a type of flying dinosaur (pterosaur)

How do you spell teridacytl?

I believe the correct spelling for the dinosaur is: pterodactyl.

What is an ancestor of a bat?

Maybe a Pterodactyl. A prehistoric flying dinosaur.

How do you spell teradactol?

The flying dinosaur, a pterosaur, is spelled pterodactyl.

How do you spell pterydactel?

The type of "flying dinosaur" or pterosaur is a pterodactyl.

What does a pterodactyle sound like?

Nobody knows what a pterodactyl sounded like. A pterodactyl was a flying dinosaur. None of them are still alive, so nobody has ever heard one. Some scientists think that birds evolved from dinosaurs, so maybe a pterodactyl sounded a little bit like a really big bird.

How do you spell terrordactyle?

One species of prehistoric flying dinosaur was the pterodactyl.

How do you spell taradactal?

The type of "flying dinosaur" (a pterosaur) is spelled pterodactyl.

How do you spell taridaktil the right way?

Pterodactyl. An extinct flying dinosaur.

How do you spell terradackle?

The type of "flying dinosaur" (pterosaur) is spelled pterodactyl.

Is the pteradactyl dinosaur a herbivore amnivore or a carnivore?

pterodactyl was NOT a dinosaur it was from a group of flying creatures called pterosaurs it was a carnivore

When was the Pterodactyl fist discovered?

Pterodactyl was not first discovered, in fact just to let everyone know Megalosauras (carnivore) was the first dinosaur to be found

What is the length of a pterodactyl dinosaur?

About 15 meters long and 3 meters wide.

What is the mass of a pterodactyl?

i think the mass is unknown... well if u mean the dinosaur it is.

How do you spell tereadactol?

The "pterodactyl" was a flying dinosaur, named for the clawed digits on its wingtips.

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