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yep, it's in leicester near Rushey Mead school.

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Q: Is there a school called Soar Valley College?
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Which is the best school of the world?

soar valley college

When was Soar Valley College created?

Soar Valley College was created on 1973-03-15.

When did soar valley college open?

why are the nocking the old soar valley? the new one is rubbish , the old one was the best ! it opened in 1973 i was one of the first pupils to attend this school

Will soar valley college be closed on Monday 21st January 2013?

Yes, it is not open

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How do you know if Soar Valley School is closed on a certain day?

For latest emergency school closings in the United Kingdom, tune in to the BBC or visit the Directgov web site, where you can get the latest closings for your area by typing in your post code.

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