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The Mages in the College of Winterhold sell staffs but if you mean an actual shop then some might have them (not quite sure)

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Q: Is there a shop in Skyrim were you can buy staffs?
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Can you buy more than one copy of Skyrim at midnight release?

It depends where you shop, as they will set the limits to how many you can buy.

What are different kinds of staffs that are available to buy in stores?

There are wood staffs and metal staffs available in stores. One place you may find a staff would be a local knife shop. Or you maybe able to find them in stores that sell martial arts materials.

What does a broom do in Skyrim?

I've heard, but never done it that you can make staffs out of them. But other than that, the only thing you can really do with them is sell them.

How do you make a water staff?

I believe only members can make staves (staffs). You can buy them at the Grand Exchange or at Zaff's staff shop in the center of Varrock.

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Where is a magic vendor in Skyrim?

Right by the pet shop in Whiterun.

Is Dawnguard Skyrim elder scroll out on the Xbox 360 disk and available to buy in shop now?

no go to a store that sells microsoft points you need 1600 once you have that go into the game marketplace go to add ons and search for skyrim download it and your done

Can you get Skyrim creation kit if you buy Skyrim from gamestop?

Yes, you download it from Steam after you activate the game.

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