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Q: Is there a soccer team for women in Sacramento California?
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Does Midwestern State University have a soccer team?

Yes they do (Men & Women). I have a friend that plays on the woman's soccer team.

Does Sacramento Have a Hockey Team?

Sacramento does not have a hockey team, but they do have a basketball team called the Sacramento Kings.

Which NBA team is closest to Nevada?

The Sacramento Kings The driving distance from Sacramento, California to Reno, Nevada is: 135 miles / 217 km

Who are the best lady in 2008?

U.S.A Women soccer team

Who is the goalie for theUS soccer team for women?

hope solo

At what age did Mia Hamm start playing soccer for the National Women Soccer Team?

at age 15,

Who is number 9 on the US women soccer team?

Frizz Smiley

How many gold medals have the US women soccer team has?


Who are the SJ Quakes?

The San Jose (California) Earthquakes is a professional soccer team.

What women soccer team holds the most world cup points?

It is Germany.

How do you get a tryout with a pro soccer team?

You don't want to because its a women sport

Which is the second best women' s soccer team in the world?


How do you become a professional women soccer player?

To become a professional soccer player, you have to be hired by a team willing to pay you a salary.

Which cites have a team for at least 3 professional sports teams?

Munich in Germany * Men Soccer * Women Soccer * Men Basketball

Does Texas A and M have a men's soccer team?

yes one for men one for women

What is the name of the California NBA team besides the lakers?

Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Clippers, and Golden State (Oakland) Warriors

Should girls soccer team be girls' soccer team?

It should be girl's soccer team ;)

Does Spain have a soccer team?

Yes it does have a soccer team

Is it correct girl's soccer team or girls' soccer team?

Girl's soccer team means ONE Girl's team. Girls' soccer team means PLURAL AMOUNT OF GIRLS soccer team. Now u figure it out XD

What is a Bolivian soccer team?

A soccer team from Bolivia. This can include a league team or a national team.

What is the name of Japans soccer team?

Japan soccer team

Does Canada have an international soccer team?

Yes they do have a soccer team.

Is Barcelona a soccer team?

Yes, they are a soccer team in spain

Has the US Women soccer team ever won the World Cup?

They have won it twice, in 1991 and 1999

Who did the us women soccer team beat in the world cup?

They didnt win they lost against Japan