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Is there a statute of limitations on child support arrearage in Arkansas?

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2007-07-23 18:40:35

There is, but it varies depending on your arrearage. Failure to

support is what is called a continuing condition. In other words,

every month you fail to pay, the charge remains. Therefore, the

statute of limitations does not even START until your youngest

child is 18. Then, the clock starts ticking on the statute of

limitations. If, at that time, you owe less than $25,000, the

statute of limitations is three years. If you owe more than

$25,000, the SoL is five years.

Failure to support is a Class B felony and can rack up some serious

jail time and hefty fine on top of child support payments. Arkansas

is one of the states known to seriously go after "deadbeat"

parents, both moms and dads.

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