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Cartilage is just that. It hardly contains any blood vessels. That is why there is very little blood when this area is pierced.


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No you can't lose feeling by having a vein hit during the piercing how ever, losing feeling should be the least of your worries if a vein has been pierced

Properly done ear piercings don't bleed. You have hit a vien.

Wow, why would anyone want to pierce their inner ear? Are you just trying to lose your hearing? I think you're talking about some other part of your ear that is OUTSIDE your body. And you probably mean hitting a NERVE. For that, I don't know. You may want to do some reading on some ear piercing sites.

See a professional body piercer for your other piercings, they can tell you what you can and can not do for your ear.

Well... if you are piercing your cartilage, you won't hit a vein. On other places it is possible to hit a vein, and if it's major, you could bleed to death... But I'd imagine you'd get help before that happened. ^^^^^ You CAN hit a vein, but not ALL of your blood is in your ears. So I HIGHLY doubt if you perhaps did hit a vein, that you could bleed to death. None the less you may bleed a lot though. It truly depends on if your a bleeder, or not!

No, you can't hit a vein. I recently pierced my own lip and no problem! it bleeds then wala! plop the stud in and youre done. :)

You have to be 18 years of age or have a legal parent/guardian sign a form saying you are allowed if you are underage. Than there is a vein in your tongue that if pierced it will not stop bleeding and will cause death in most or all cases I am unsure of that. So they have a waver that must be signed saying that if that vein is hit and you die, they are free from all liability of it. And that would be pretty much it. Hope this helped.

Depends on how you hit your ear.Most of the time, nothing will happen. But if you hit your ear just "right", you might force air into the ear canal hard enough to pop the ear drum. Not something to experiment with.

Your navel cause there are more nerves. Unless they hit a nerve in your ear then the side of your neck stings. Or if you get cartilage done that pretty bad s***.

A spell hit him in the ear

Ear drum vibrates as the sound waves hit it.

yes if you are getting pierced by an inexperienced piercer or you do it yourself even worst you can paralyze your face

It hurts a tiny bit, it feels the same as getting your ear lobes pierced. If done by a professional, it shouldn't hurt (like a pinch) and there shouldn't be barely any blood. DO NOT do it yourself, you arent professional and could hit a vain, causing some problems, and if you do it yourself you need a sterile needle, and gloves.

when you hit the blood vein

Unlikely, although hitting a vein does increase the chance of an infection.

try and hit your heart and bite your ear at the same time

It depends where but if you hit any artery or vein it is a problem.

Umm i would say so. You have to know where just to pierce on or in the ear or you might hit a nerve. Umm i would say so. You have to know where just to pierce on or in the ear or you might hit a nerve.

when you talk to somebody sound waves hit the ear drum and after it vibrate to the other ear

Sound, actually, is the vibration of air. The vibrations hit your ear drum in your ear.

A red outer ear can be caused by an outer ear infection or from getting hit. If the redness does not go away, consult your physician.

Nothing, but it hurts like hell just like if they miss the vein and hit a nerve.

Great answer. I'm a staight man who wears an earring in my left ear. After I got my earring in my left ear, the bug bit me to pierce my right ear. It totally hit me. I had to get that earring in my right ear. I

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