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First, weigh yourself holding the puppy. Put your puppy down and weigh yourself. Subtract the first measurement from the second measurement and you have your puppy's weight!

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Q: Is there a way I can use a bathroom scale to weigh my puppy?
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How long do digital bathroom scales last?

Some bathroom scales can last a very long time (years) if maintained properly. If you do not plan to use your digital scale for a long time, remove the battery inside so it doesn't leak. Also be sure not to drop the scale or get it wet. Salter is a company that makes top drawer scales that have the longest lifespan of any bathroom scale brand.

How to House Train a Yorkshire Terrier?

Yorkshire Terriers are fun, adorable, and loving dogs that can brighten up almost any household. However, while a Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie, can provide a source of constant joy to his or her owner, they can also be a burden if not properly housebroken. A Yorkie that is allowed to have accidents inside the home will mark furniture, objects left on the ground, and can possibly ruin flooring. Fortunately, it is possible to effectively housebreak a Yorkie as long as it’s owner is able to dedicate a little time and patience to the task. A Yorkshire Terrier should begin to be house trained as soon as it is a puppy. While the puppy is very young, it may be best to begin it’s training with the use of puppy pads. Puppy pads can be placed in the puppy’s designated living area and should cover a decent amount of space in that area. When the dog uses these pads, he or she should be praised and given a treat. Once the puppy begins to associate the pad with the area in which it needs to use the bathroom, these pads can be slowly removed until only a few pads are left around the house. Once a dog owner is ready to teach their Yorkie to use the bathroom outside, the puppy pads should be placed closer and closer to the door, until the pad can be finally placed outside. Placing the pad outside will help the puppy understand that this is where they are supposed to use the bathroom. While housebreaking a Yorkshire Terrier, it is important to schedule the dog’s meals, and follow these meals with trips outside to use the bathroom. About half an hour after every meal, a Yorkie should be taken outside to use the bathroom. Setting up a schedule will help the dog get use to using the bathroom outside, instead of inside on a puppy pad. Although, if a dog tends to have a lot of accidents, a few pads can be left around in case of emergency. The last thing for Yorkshire Terrier owners to remember is that every dog makes mistakes and has accidents sometimes. While the dog should be disciplined for the accident, it should not deter the dog owner from continuing to train the dog. Practicing consistency and patience will help to housebreak a Yorkshire Terrier, while keeping the home and floor clean.

How do you stop your puppy from doing things behind your back that she knows she is not supposed to do?

First things first: Your puppy does not know she is not supposed to do something. A puppy is like a toddler; if you don't tell a toddler that she can't reach under the sink where the chemicals are kept, she is going to think she is allowed under the sink. If you don't train your puppy to use the bathroom outside or to not chew up the furniture, she is going to think it is okay to do these things. Basically, you need to train her not to do what she is supposed to "know" not to do.

When was the dog sad?

as a puppy thats why when people are sad they use the phrase puppy dog eyes

My dog won't stand on the scales how can i find the dogs mass?

Go to the vet. They have large scales made specially for dogs. If your dog is small, you could also weigh yourself and then pick up your dog and weigh you and the dog and subtract the first weight from the second.

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I typically use a bathroom scale.

What is the meaning of bathroom scale?

The tool that you use to weigh yourself.

A bathroom scale can weigh something up 200 pounds A boy weight himself around 113 and 114 lbs How many sig figs do you use?


What to use to measure graviational pull on the mass of an object?

a bathroom scale

How much liquid wormer do you give a 10 week old puppy?

First of all do you know what type of worms your puppy has? You should also weigh your puppy. Get on your scale and weigh yourself first, then get the puppy and weigh both of you. Subtract the weight of yourself alone from the weight of you and the puppy and you will get the weight of your pup. The instructions for how much to give your pup is on the bottle of the dewormer. They use terms such as ml which is the same as 1cc in a syringe. If you do not know what you are doing, take your pup into see your Veterinarian and also take in a stool sample from your puppy. If you do deworm at home, be sure to repeat the deworming in 10-14 days.

What is a puppy pad?

a puppy pad is a diaper sort of fabric laid on the floor for indoor dogs to "use the bathroom on." personaly, i wouldnt use these, but if your in the city, it may be your only option

Can you use a spring scale to weigh potatoes?


How do you Weigh a person in kilograms?

Use a metric scale.

What do you use to measures force?

A spring scaleYou use a dynamometer to measure force.

How long does it take for a 4 month old puppy to use the bathroom?

You should take your puppy out at least every hour, if it's a male puppy they need to go more often that a female puppy or so seems anyway.

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I used the scale to weigh myself during gym class.

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A truck scale.