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The number is stored on the phone itself; it is the only thing that must go anywhere, so you could be able to send it to the store without going yourself.

Call the provider and ask them about it, as some will have different policies.

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Q: Is there a way to change your phone number without going to the store?
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Yes..If you just switch the number and not the phone, the phone is going to still be monitored.

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Hi, You can change your phone number in Viber by uninstalling* and re-installing Viber. However, upon re-installation, merely register with your new phone number. *Please note that this will erase your call and message history. You will not be able to get this history back

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If you want to change your phone number to another phone ; you should call were you got the phone and the will, help you and to answer you question; yes you can but you have to all first

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Depending on the type of phone; you can change the language by going through the menu on the phone or contact the company.

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You contact the phone company ! They are the only ones who can change a phone number of a house phone. In the case of mobile phones, it's as simple as changing the SIM card.