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do more revising and you will get loads more

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Well is did figure out one way.

Well here it is. If you are playing a game or something and you spot an error you press the "having technical problems?" button the type in where you spotted it and fill in the details. I earned 150 credits for spotting a problem where it asked you about looking at something when it isn't there on a question, if you find other errors like this you may get a few credits!

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Q: Is there a way to get free credits on you are learning?
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Is there a way to get facebook credits for free?

yes, you can play hotel city for extra free credits

Can you get 1000 free facebook credits?

There is a way to get that many credits by doing reward programs.

Is there any way to get free livejasmin credits?


What is an easy way to earn IMVU credits?

The only way i know of is playing with pets and doing surveys I managed to get a good amount of free imvu credits from this website:

How do you get free credits for Gangster Paradise 2?

you dont get "free" credits on gp2 unless someone sends them to you for free which i higly doubt and theres no way to cheat the game without getting banned

Imvudotcom What is the difference between credits and promo credits Can you buy things from the catalog with credits instead of promo credits?

Yes, you can buy things with promo credits you just can't give them as gifts. There is a way to get free credits every day go to the garage and click on spin free it gives you promo creds

How do you get free smashdown credits?

To get free credits you need to buy them .

How do you find Poptropica credits in the clouds?

that was some dumb persons idea of a joke there is no free poptropica credits in the clouds the only way to get credits is to finish a island,buy them or get membership

How can you get free credits for poptropica?

You save your game to get 75 free credits.

How do you get free credits for uberstrike?

buy free credits or do a survey : 99999

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If you get the app there is an area where you can download apps and fill out surveys for free credits do not listen to this BS about sponsors. They get free credits when you buy credits if they sponsor you.

Can you use back the voucher codes?

Of course not.There is no such way to get extra credits for free.