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There is no way to completely predict how your nose will appear after your nose job, but there are things you and your plastic surgeon can do to ensure you are not surprised at your results: * A doctor can scan a photo of your face onto the computer and alter your photo to reflect your new nose. This is the most accurate way to view how you will appear after surgery. * Have frank discussions with your plastic surgeon about what will and will not be changed. If you aren

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Q: Is there a way to predict how your nose will look after surgery?
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Is there a way for Nose reduction without surgery?

there is a type of injection that you can have done to slightly reduce the look of your nose

How do you thin your nose?

There is no way to change the shape of your nose except by plastic surgery. Instead, I suggest you learn to like the way God made you look and love yourself the way you are!

How do you get bigger cartilage on your nose?

Surgery is the only way to change the size of your nose in that way.

Is it possible to lose weight from your nose?

No, since your nose is not made of fat, it is made of cartilage and bone. The only way to make your nose smaller or look smaller, is to disguise it with make-up, or get plastic surgery.

Is there a way to straighten a bent nose without surgery?


Is there any way to shrink a large nose?

Plastic Surgery.

Can you shrink your nose?

They are sayings their is no other way to shrink nose without surgery, but their has been sayings that you can shirink your nose without surgery by pressing down on it, but if you stop it will grow back. :) hope that helped

How can you make your nose a lot smaller?

Well I'm afraid there is no other way but plastic surgery my friend! i hate how that word sounds (plastic surgery) i have this HUGE bump on my nose that i really hate! every time i look in the mirror i look from the front and say i look good then i turn my face to the side and feel so depprest look i it really really bothers you i say you do plastic surgery! i wish there was a cream to make the bump go away or something but there is no natural way for these problems :( now the right age to do this is 18

How can you shrink a long nose without plastic surgery?

Cartilage grows with age. Unfortunately, noses are made up primarily of cartilage and generally grow, albeit very slowly.AnswerI haven't heard of any treatments available that can shrink your nose without surgery. But you can have your hair styled in a way to divert attention away from your nose or to make your nose look smaller.

If your nose is not huge but the nostril holes are really big and round is there any way you can make them look or become smaller?

One way is to trim all nose hair with a nose hair trimmer. This way it's less dark inside your nose and more of your skin shows. One way to make the notril holes look smaller you must have make-up done . However, to make them become smaller you must have cosmetic surgery done.

Is there a way to make your nose look longer?

I realize the category is under cosmetic surgery but in the mean time, I learned from cosmetics class that brushing on highlighting powder or a shimmery eyeshdow neautral color straight down the bridge of your nose makes it look longer.

Is surgery the only way to get rid of a bump on your nose?

yes, how would someone do it otherwise?

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