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Is there a way to stop having to pay child support?


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If you are the biological parent then you must support your child until they reach eighteen years of age. There are very few ways to avoid your responsibility. Consider the following.

  • If you don't have an income source you could petition the court for a temporary modification of the support order. Of course that would only be until your financial situation changes.
  • If you feel that the child is not yours you need to have paternity test taken.
  • Obtain custody of the child.
  • If the childs other parent is married then consider allowing their spouse to legally adopt the child.

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Voluntarily terminating your rights or having the rights terminated by the state does not necessarily terminate your obligation to pay child support. Unless your child is adopted and another adult becomes responsible you generally must continue to pay child support.

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yes you both will have to agree and then go back to court

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In any state, if your child is underage and is having a child of their own, you are still untitled to pay child support unless you or the other parent get the child emicapated.

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You send in your child support payments regularly and on time.

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