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semimonthly means twice a month :D xoxoxoxoxoxox <3

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Q: Is there a word that means twice a month?
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What word means an event that happens twice a month?


What does the word bimonthly mean?

it means something happened twice in a month!

What does twice a month mean?

Twice a month means that something happens two times in one month, usually on a regular schedule.

What is a word for an event that happens twice a month?

If something happens twice a month it is called biweekly because it happens every other week and a month has 4 weeks. there is also bimonthly which is every other month but not really a direct word for something that happens twice a month.

What is semimonthly?

Prefix "semi" means twice; therefore, semimonthly occurs twice a month.

Which word means twice every year?

Biannual means twice every year.

What word starting with t means two?

Twice is a word that means two.

What word in cooking means cooked twice?

the word ing

What does the word twice mean in mathematical terms?

It means multiply by two. As in "what is twice 3" that means what is 3x2.

Does bimonthly mean twice a month?

No! bi-monthly means every two months, like bi-weekly means every two weeks. semi-monthly means twice a month. Think of mortgage payments or payroll, bi-weekly payroll means one receives payroll every second week (i.e. every second Friday). Semi-monthly payroll means twice a month (typically the 1st and 15th of the month).

What is the difference between semimonthly and bimonthly?

Bi-monthly has an ambiguity to it, it can mean 'twice a month' or 'every two months'. Where as semi-monthly means only 'twice a month'.

What word means Coming twice a year?


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