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yes. MY friends were trying to buy tickets for her concert but you have to be 18.

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Is there an age limit for the Lady Gaga concert?

actually no there is not since she is inspiring many people of all ages hope i helped

Is there an age requirement for Lady Gaga concert?

Most of the time, no. But depending on what venue she's playing at, you may have to be eighteen.

What is the age limit for Selena Gomez concert?

There's no age limit to go to a concert of hers.

How old do you have to be to go to a Lady Gaga concert?

You can be any age as long as you know what she means by all the words and dresses she will say and dress in.

How far apart in age are Lady Gaga and her sister apart?

Lady gaga is almost 25 and her sister is 18

What is the age limit to a simple plan concert?

there is no age limit to a simple plan concert (or any for that matter) unless stated by the venue, such as a bar

What didn't happen during the gilded age?

Lady Gaga,Lady Gaga didnt happen during the gildedage...that isall

Is Justin bieber the most popular young singer?

This depends on the age limit, but Lady GaGa (age 25) is the only singer more popular than Justin Bieber.

What age did Lady Gaga start her career?

She started singing at age 19.

Is there an age limit to go to a Justin bieber concert?

nope! theres not any age limit for his concert specifically but there could possibly be one for the venue hes playing at

What age does Lady Gaga want to get married?

Well why would anyone know that because lady gaga has her own life and she values her privacy.

What age was Lady Gaga in 1985?

-1. she was born in '86.

Is a Lady Gaga concert aproprite for young girls?

i believe that music artist and pop star Lady Gaga is very talented in some opinions, but very inappropriate for children. She has inappropriate costumes and lyrics so for parents i suggest that you wait until your children are at least 13 years of age.

Is their an age limit to get in to a Justin Bieber concert?

No i do not think so. There is nothing bad in the concerts, so i doubt that you have to have an age limit.

At what age Lady Gaga start playing piano?

Lady Gaga, (Stefani Germanotta) Learned And Started To Play The Piano At Just 4 Years Old.(:

What age did Lady Gaga become famuos?

she was 19 when she became famous

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