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How about this: Boron is never found as a free element on Earth.

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Q: Is there an interesting fact about the element boron?
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What are some interesting fact about boron?

boron has a boiling point of 4275K and a melting point of 2365K

Need acrostic poem for the element Boron?

boron ba ba boron be the boron ba ba boron!

Is boron an element or a compound?

boron is an element

Is Boron a compound or a element?

boron is an element

How do you get the element of boron?

how is the element boron made?

Is the element boron synthetic?

Boron is a natural chemical element.

What is interesting about hydrogen?

An interesting fact about hydrogen is that it is the oldest ,1st,and the lightest element of all.

Is boron an ion?

Boron is an element.

What country was boron the element discovered?

The element Boron was discovered in Paris.

When was the element boron named boron?

boron was named boron because of the properties it has

What element is element B?

Chemical symbol B represents the element Boron. Boron is a p block element.

Which element has atoms which contain 5 protons?

The answer is Boron :)