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Q: Is there any Naruto rpg games like dragonfable?
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Is there any online games like dragonfable?

Yes, there is Mechquest, Adventure Quest and Adventure Quest Worlds which is a little different to Dragonfable. Note: All these games are all made by the same people as Dragonfable

Are there any Naruto adventure games?

yes like uzumaki chronicles

Is their any games like Dragon Fable?

Could you be more specific? are looking for games that are 2 dimensional like dragonfable? Or do you mean like single player rpg games? Well, the only game i know of that is closely similar to dragonfable is mechquest which is created by the same people who made dragonfable. All other games i know of is probably ten times better than dragonfable. If you're interested in playing other better 3D games on a PC, i suggest you look into LOTRO, Dungeons and Dragons, or League of Legends.

Can you play as Hiruko from Naruto shippuden movie three in any Naruto games?

he is not playable in any games. sorry.

Are there any games like dragonfable except adveturequest mechquest?

Tryed Fiesta ? My brother likes it . try world of warcraft

Are there any Naruto games on xbox 360?

yes, there are 2 games ; naruto the broken bond and naruto rise of a ninja.

Can you get Sora on any Naruto games?


Are there any Naruto games for the PC?


Are there any naruto games in the PSN store PS Vita?

There's no Naruto games on the PSN store

Is pein on any Naruto games?

no but he will be probably in accel3,or when naruto become jonin

Is there any Naruto games for a x-box?

There are multiple Naruto games for the xbox 360 but there are no games for the x-box (original xbox).

Are there any games about Naruto which you does not have to download?

There are games for the playstation and other game-consoles. There is a Naruto dating sim where you play as Sakura, but it is hentai. There are a lot of flash Naruto games on

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