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Is there any family that has a better NFL draft pick history than the Manning family of Archie and Peyton and Eli?

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==Since they have, among them, two first picks and one second pick, no one else even comes close == *Archie, the best of legendary Coach John Vaught's quarterbacks, was the second pick in 1971 out of Ole Miss. *Peyton, whose quarterback coach was David Cutcliffe(later Head Coach at Ole Miss), was the first pick in 1998 out of Tennessee. *Eli, the best of Coach David Cutcliffe's Ole Miss quarterbacks, was the first pick in 2004 out of Ole Miss. *That's an "average draft pick" number of 1.333...and it may never be equaled. *That is until Cooper, Peyton and Eli's sons come of age. Wonder if they'll be quarterbacks?

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