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Is there any formula to solve a Sudoku game?


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As you have guessed, there is a procedure to follow that will yield answers to Sudoku puzzles. Each puzzle reminds the player of similar puzzles in the past, and the player starts with the techniques that worked for THAT puzzle. For instance, if I note that a box has 7 of 9 numbers filled in already, I will certainly focus my attention on finding forced matches based on other clues around the board that involve the nearly filled in box. Every time you fill in a square, you immediately check to see whether or not the column, row or box you just filled in a square of will have any "easy" to solve squares as a result. You then keep applying the tools that you've discovered to date and are in your mental toolbox, in order to keep generating more filled in squares, until even a beginner can find their way through to the end. The hardest part of learning Sudoku, is discovering the techniques that "prove" what must go where. Everybody learns them eventually, but having them spelled out for you saves a bit of time.