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Is there any free downloadable software that solves simultaneous equations?

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I think this ( one might handle it... ''(Please feel free to delete this answer if it dosn't.)''

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What is problem solving software?

it solves various problems in ur windows

How do you use the computer to model environmental systems?

The computer solves a very large system of partial differential equations.

What is software how it useful?

A software is something that solves a problem within a short time (that could take a lot of time, sometimes, even years) . You install and run the software in a computer.

What is the application of gaussian elimination?

It solves a system of equations. Think of the 2X2 case of having X+Y=1 and 3X+2Y=6.

What is the Finite Element Method used for?

The Finite Element Method is used for optimizing certain designs effectively. It basically helps solves problems in engineering by using smaller equations.

Advantages of mathematica software?

-Easy to use mathematica even you are not a computer programmer -Friendly software -Depiction graphs -You can solve(or mathematica can solves) really difficult and time consuming function immediately!

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Write a c language program that solves linear equations using gauss-jordan elimination method?

Too complex to show here as a Wiki.Answer hoy pareha ta way i answer.......... pag sure uie.........

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Does completing the square mean drawing the fourth side?

No. It refers to quadratic equations of the form (x + n)2 = c where n and c are real values. "Completing the square" solves for values of the x-intercepts (y=0). (see the related link)

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Moles of As in Na2HAsO4.7H2O?

Much appreciated if the problem solves.