Is there any friction on the sun?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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yes there is it.

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Q: Is there any friction on the sun?
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What are the four common sources of heat are the sun?

sun fuel electricity and friction

How does friction keep the earths orbit around the sun?

my theory is tht the friction between the earth and sun is equal and thus earth has a single orbit which does not change , instead the planet rotates around itself and revolves around the sun, not because of their equal friction but because of its mass being less compared to the sun.

Does the earth create friction when rotating around the sun?


Is there any friction besides fluid friction in swimming?

There is 'skin friction' also know as drag. There is also lubricated friction.

How does Friction occur in liquids?

friction affects in any Circumtances

Why is friction a disadvantage?

Loss of energy. Any way friction is a necessary evil

Why does your Dodge Diesel get so hot?

Internal combustion, friction and sometimes the sun.

What are two sources of friction?

Not sure if you mean 2 types of friction. Two types of friction can be just friction with the ground, and air friction such as drag on any vehicle, or any type of flying machine. Other objects can have air friction too, but not as much as something moving at a higher rate of speed.

Does an ideal machine have friction?

Machine without any friction is an ideal machine so an ideal machine cannot have friction.

What is friction what are four types of friction?

Friction is most commonly known as any push or pull. There are four types of friction ; sliding friction, static friction, rolling friction, and fluid friction. Sliding friction is when something is sliding against another surface. Static friction is when there is force being applied upon a heavy object or the object is being moved on a rough surface. Rolling friction is when something is rolling on a surface and friction slows it down. Finally, fluid friction is when an object is being slown down on or in water, air, or any others fluid.

What type of friction will slow an object more?

limiting friction will slow an object more than any other type of friction

What ways can you light a match without using flame or friction?

With the sun... *smile* and a loupe.