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If the miscarriage is incomplete, then you should go to the doctor to make sure that you are still pregnant and if so the doctors can help you with any decision that you make. Good luck and God Bless:)

You cannot self-induce a miscarriage by massage. The uterus is far too well protected inside the pelvis. Attempting to induce a miscarriage by any means is extremely dangerous (and may be fatal) and illegal.

Edited to add:

Illegal?? I don't think so. No one investigating our miscarriages just yet, at least the last I checked.

Any attempt to self abort is illegal whether you get investigated or not.


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After you have the Implanon implant removed, there is not a high risk of miscarriage. If you get pregnant while on the implant, there is a increased risk of miscarriage.

It increases the risk of a miscarriage.

Prior use of Mirena does not increase the risk of miscarriage.

A history of chlamydia does not increase the risk of miscarriage.

Miscarriage is the most common complication of early pregnancy. Complications or implications of a miscarriage: It is a grave risk to the life of the woman. Uncontrolled diabetes greatly increases the risk of miscarriage. Women with controlled diabetes are not at higher risk of miscarriage High Blood Pressure during pregnancy, is sometimes caused by an inappropriate immune reaction to the developing fetus, and is associated with the risk of miscarriage. It can also cause premature birth or death of the baby.

I just read that 10% of all pregnancies result in miscarriage.

20-25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, but having one miscarriage does not put you at any greater risk of having another. Good luck

increased risk of miscarriage and genetic diseases

Yes of course., anyone who is pregnant risk a miscarriage. And for very young teens the risk for miscarriage and complications are slightly higher than for an adult since a 14yo body is not really ready for pregnancy yet.

Miscarriage is a common problem in pregnancy. Chlamydia does not appear to increase the risk of miscarriage. However, it could happen with or without chlamydia infection.

yes,miscarriage is a great risk of a 3 week pregnant woman.

it can increase the risk of miscarriage and stilbrith of unborn babies

Yes, with obesity the risk for miscarriage increases.

Yes a woman is highly fertile after childbirth, miscarriage and abortion due to the hormones. It settles after a few months.

According to a 2008 study published in the journal, Obstetrics & Gynecology, miscarriage risk falls rapidly with advancing gestation. The researchers studied miscarriage rates of 697 women and found that the risk of miscarriage at 6 weeks gestation was 9.4%. At 7 weeks gestation, the risk of miscarriage fell to 4.2%, and at 8 weeks of gestation, it fell to 1.5%. The overall miscarriage rate for this group of women was 1.6% (11 of the 697 women miscarried at some point during their pregnancies). This study involved women who did not have any symptoms of miscarriage when they were first enrolled in the study, and where evidence of fetal heartbeat was seen via ultrasound during their first prenatal visit (the first visit took place between week 6 and week 11 gestation). So, if you have seen a fetal heartbeat on the ultrasound, and if you are not experiencing any symptoms of a miscarriage (i.e. heavy cramping, bleeding), then your risk of miscarriage is likely to be similar to the women in this study.

Unless she has fully gone through Menopause there is a risk. The risk for miscarriage is bigger though.

You can, however it is not usually recommended because of the increases risk of miscarriage during the first trimester. Travelling during the second trimester is more recommended because of the much lower risk of miscarriage.

Once past 12 weeks the placenta is functioning and the chance of miscarriage is greatly reduced. Unless there is a particular reason (medical) why you may have a miscarriage the risk is so small that you can forget it.

The risk of miscarriage is always biggest in the first trimester because that is when Mother Nature gets rid of the ones that aren't equipped to make it. After the first trimester the risk decreases.

Unless she has fully gone through Menopause there is a risk. The risk for miscarriage is bigger though.

It will increase the risk of having another one sadly.

If it's a high risk pregnancy the doctor will tell you. Otherwise sex is encouraged while pregnant.

No. It is not advisable to travel during the process of a miscarriage. There are complications which may require medical attention, especially the risk of excessive bleeding.

Normally it'll happen within the first trimester which is up to 12 weeks, after that the risk of a miscarriage decreases but it could still happen.

Yes but it can be harder and there's an increased risk for miscarriage, especially if you are obese.

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