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No, I dont think so.

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As of now, Stephenie Meyer has not released a book 2 for "The Host." The story remains a standalone novel.

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Q: Is there are book 2 in the host?
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Will there be a book 2 of the host?

yes StephenieMeyer has confirmed that she is almost done with the second will be titled the soul

How could i copy out on free the book The host by Stephanie Meyer?

How could i copy out the book The host by Stephanie Meyer on free?

Is host a book to do with twilight?

No, the host and twilight are just written by the same author

Is the host a good book?

absolutely no

Does the host belong to twilight series?

No. The Host is a independent book that has nothing to do with the Twilight Saga.

In the book the host who is melanie's brother?


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Did Stephenie Meyers write another book before she wrote the twilight book?

Yes, Stephenie Meyer wrote a science fiction novel called "The Host" before she wrote the Twilight series. "The Host" was published in 2008, while the first Twilight book was published in 2005.

When did Stephenie Meyer write the host?

in 2008 the book was released

Will there be a follow up book to The Host by Stephenie Meyer?

it is unsure

The Host Book stephine Meyer?

yes it is by stephine meyer.

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