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no one knows but there is a rumor going round that there might be one coming out in 2009 called the Bull sharc gl-8 but it is probably not coming out

I would make Nerf grenades like i do. I take a two film canister, then you cut up three or four Nerf bullets. I fill the canisters with the mini bullets. I put a small piece of cardboard on top of one then I lay the other one over it. The cardboard should be in between the two openings of the film canister. Then put a rubber band around the grenade. To arm it, take out the cardboard gently. Then throw it.

There is also a grenade that you pump called the:Lanard Scatter Blast Foam Dart Grenade

You pump the end/tail and on impact or time it launches 6 bullets out of slots all over the grenade. I got one for about then bucks and it is the best thing for wars, usally for hitting people over a wall or barrier.

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yes there is it is called the corps scatter blast foam dart gernade although i do not know where to buy it

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Q: Is there going to be a Nerf grenade launcher?
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What is the code for the Nerf bullshark GL-1 on the Nerf video game?

It means BullSharc Grenade Launcher-1.

Is a grenade launcher the same as a missile launcher?

No, it is simple. A grenade launcher fires grenades, but a missile launcher fires missiles.

Does the m16 agl have a grenade launcher?

yes, AGL stands for advanced grenade launcher

Where do you buy Nerf hamer hed gl1?

The Hammerhead GL - 1 is a grenade launcher from a video game. 99 - 1 chance it's not happening.

What hapens when an airsoft grenade explodes?

An airsoft grenade does not explode, it launcher BB's out of the launcher powered by gas.

What is the difference between Masterkey and the Grenade Launcher?

The Masterkey is a shotgun attachment and The Grenade launcher launches grenades.

How do you make a Nerf grenade launcher?

the basic plans are simply to attach a 12 gram charger to a pvc pressure holding device, then attach that to a valve, and then a barrel.

The M-203 grenade launcher is a?

40mm grenade launcher that attaches onto a standard rifle accessory rail

How do you use shotgun and grenade launcher for dawn of the celebs 2?

to use the grenade launcher you get it then press the number 3

How do you lock on with your grenade launcher in borderlands?

two thing... 1) there is no grenade launcher 2) you cant lock on with rcoekt launchers

What type of grenade launcher is on the m4 3181 aeg electric airsoft rifle m203 spring grenade launcher two stocks fps-300 extra magazine from

its not a grenade it just looks like a grenade launcher. it just shoots one bullet at a time

what is Scarface?

M16 with a M203 grenade launcher