Is there going to be a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean?

There is already a script written for a fifth but Johnny Depp has not agreed to play the role of Captain Jack Sparrow yet. But I don't think its coming out anytime soon, though. He probably wants a break for a while and after he reads the script and finds out whose the director and film maker and all that stuff, he may or may not be in the next movie.

Yes, but the release date has been pushed back to 2016.
The manuscript for a fifth installment in the popular Pirates of C. series is ready, the company is also ready, but Johnny Depp has taken a vacation from Pirates to make up his mind if he wish to reprise his popular role as Jack Sparrow...that's Captain Jack Sparrow.

Glad to helt ;)
the produces dont even know if there is goin to be a 4th one never mind a 5th!!
There are rumored to be up to six but it is unknown for now.
I definitely think there will be a fifth movie of it. Be cause if you watch the end of the credits it show Angelica still on the island and she saw the hex doll which is Jack that floated ashore and she picks it up and she made this evil face which really makes me think there IS going to be a fifth movie.
Yes, Disney is working on creating a fifth movie. They already have the script almost finished but it will not come for a while. Also they are making movie 5&6 back to back.