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Yes, as far as i know.

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When does monk season 8 air in US?

USA network has announced that MONK will return for its final season sometime in the summer of 2009. Both wikipedia & imdb have it returning in June but no specific date yet.

Why is Monk going off the air?

from what i have heard the ratings are too low for usa network to keep the show going. the ratings were going up but it was too costly.

Is there a season 9 of Monk?

No, season 8 was the last season.

What season of monk that the lady had trudie's eyes?

It is in Season Six: "Mr. Monk Stays Up All Night" I hope I helped!

Where can you see monk season 7?


When does monk season 9 start?

There is no season 9. Monk ended at season 8. I wish they made more! There also is a new USA show coming out called uncle Nigel.

Will Monk Season 8 be the final season?

Unfortunately, yes. It starts in August

What season is mr monk goes to the dentist?

Season 4, episode 15.

Who was the Irish monk who discovered North America in the Sixth Century?

Ian Nathaniel Mushrush

Is the television show Monk off the air?

No monk is still running.They are on to its 8th season and the season will most probably ends up in December.You can catch monk at Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on USA

Who played Dale Biederbeck in the series 'Monk'?

Dale "The Whale" Biederbeck was played by AdamArkin in season one, Tim Curry in season two and in season six the character was played by Ray Porter.

Monk series 7 UK release date?


Are the monk season 7 episodes already filmed?

Yes, season 8, the final season, is airing now

What channel is monk ob dish network?

masranga tv channel

How many seasons of MONK are in stores?

Currently there are 5 Seasons of Monk available in stores which includes season episodes stretching from 2002 through 2006. Season 6, the 2007 season, is due out on DVD in June 2008.

When does monk season 7 start?

The cable channel plans to start season 7 on July!

What is the breeding season for the monk parrots?

i think its may that they breed

Does Monk season 8 begin on Aug 7?


Will there be a seventh season of Monk?

yes if there wouldn't I'm sure USA would have some kind of Monk finally marathon

What site do you go to to watch psych and monk?

You can go to or usa network

When did the TV show Monk premiere on the US Network?

July 12, 2002

Is Monk finally over?

"Monk" is still on the air but only in syndication. edited by cable_addict The final season is airing starting this summer.

What song by Chopin is in the season premiere of Monk Mr. Monk Buys a House?

Prelude Op. 28, No. 7 in A Major.

Who is the Irish monk who discovered North America in the sixth century?

st Brenden i think that's how you spell his name

When does monk season 8 start?

I heard that it will be starting sometime in the summer of 2009. IT STARTS ON AUGUST 7th