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Probably not. It was based off a book, and the book never had a sequel, so I doubt the movie will too.

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Is there going to be a 2nd stardust movie?


Can stardust dragon negate red dragon archfiends effect if you have 2 defense monster on the field?

actually it depends on the controller of stardust but don't do it anyway red dragon archfiend is going to destry stardust so what's the point the answer is no

What are the ratings and certificates for Operation Good Guys - 1997 Stardust 2-2?

Operation Good Guys - 1997 Stardust 2-2 is rated/received certificates of: UK:15

Where can you find majestic or stardust dragon?

Stardust Dragon can be obtained in "The Duelist Genesis" booster pack. Majestic Dragon can be obtained in "Stardust Overdrive" and "Duelist Pack 9: Yusei Fudo 2". Majestic Star Dragon can be obtained in "Stardust Overdrive" and "2009 Collectors Tins".

Do stardust spirits exist?

If you believe in stardust, it will!

In Yu-Gi-Oh is RavielLord of Phantasms better then Stardust dragon?

it could be if it raviel vs stardust but if it is raviel vs dark armed dragon raviel is going to get owned

What level is Stardust Dragon?

Stardust Dragon is Lv8.

What pack does stardust dragon come in?

Stardust overdrive

Who would win national treasure 2 or stardust?

national treasure 2 defo its brilliant

What is the password for Stardust Dragon?

The password for Stardust Dragon is 44508094.

What is the passcode for Stardust Dragon?

The passcode for Stardust Dragon is 44508094.

What was the Production Budget for Stardust?

The Production Budget for Stardust was $70,000,000.

How can you stop Stardust Dragon Assault Mode?

If they have only one Stardust/AM then use divine wrath. If they have more than one Stardust/AM and another Stardust Dragon(s) faced up on the field then use cards like lightning vortex, dark hole, etc... so that the dragon will tribute (cost) itself to negate ->send to the graveyard, then chain a divine wrath to it. Since divine wrath is spell speed 3, another Stardust/AM cannot chain to it because Stardust(s) is spell speed 2. In conclusion, the chain resolves backward with divine wrath negates the effect of the "tributed" Stardust/AM in the graveyard, and since the effect was negated then lightning vortex or dark hole will resolve normally, destroying all monsters. Other Stardust(s) cannot chain to the destruction because the chain is resolving. Note: Stardust/AM cannot summon another Stardust Dragon back since its effect was negated in the graveyard and not "face-up" on the field. However if your opponent has another Stardust Dragon on the field when lightning vortex revolves then the "face-up" Stardust/AM will be able to summon it. Ex: 1) You have a face-down Divine Wrath 2) Your opponent have x2 Stardust/AM and x1 Stardust Dragon all face up. *He/she doesn't a have another Stardust Dragon in the graveyard. 3) You activate lightning vortex (Chain 1). 4) Your opponent chain Stardust/AM effect to negate your card effect (Chain 2). *Stardust/AM tribute itself as a cost and send to the graveyard. 5) You activate Divine Wrath to negate the effect of Stardust/AM while it is in the graveyard (Chain 3). *Divine Wrath is spell speed 3 and cannot be chained by other Stardust(s). *The tributed Stardust/AM is not "face-up" on the field at that time. 6) Chain resolves backward with Divine Wrath negates the effect of Stardust/AM, allowing lightning vortex to resolve normally. 7) All faced up monsters your opponent control is then destroyed simultaneously. 8) Now the chain has resolved, triggered effects can activate in a new chain - this is when the second Stardust AM will activate. Since the Stardust Dragon went to the graveyard at the same time, it means it's there in the graveyard when Assault Mode activates, and can be selected as a target. Timing is not missed simply by going to the graveyard simultaneously to the Assault Mode, because it's only after this that Assault Mode activates and looks for a target.

In Stardust Accelerator Yusei's Ground Deck and Turbo Deck?

His turbo deck is Stardust Accelerator, and his other deck is Stardust Awakened.

What year did Stardust the horse die?

Stardust passed away in 1973 at age 29 when Stardust Jr. was 3 years old.

What does Stardust do in Pokemon LeafGreen?

all the stardust does is that you can sell it at a high price

Did Edgar Stardust Hayes in fact compose Stardust?

hoagy carmichael

Did willy nelson write or sing stardust?

Willie Sung Stardust

What is the duration of Stardust Memories?

The duration of Stardust Memories is 1.52 hours.

What is the duration of Stardust in Your Eyes?

The duration of Stardust in Your Eyes is 480.0 seconds.

Who wrote the lyrics to the song 'Stardust'?

Mitchell Parish wrote the lyrics to Stardust. (Hoagy Carmichael wrote the music.) Mitchell Parish wrote the lyrics to Stardust. (Hoagy Carmichael wrote the music.)

How can you use the word stardust in a sentence?

When the Rat Pack went to Las Vegas, sometimes they stayed at the Stardust.

Where can stardust dragon be aquriered?

you can get stardust dragon in the Yu-Gi-Oh! booster pack named: The Duelist Genesis. or you can buy the stardust dragon Yu-Gi-Oh! Stardust dragon tin at toy stores.

Can Stardust Dragon come in a Stardust Overdrive Special Edition pack?

No. Stardust Dragon is not found in Stardust Overdrive, and the Promo cards obtainable from the Special Edition pack are Charge of the Light Brigade and Tempest Magician.

How do you get stardust on babydow?

You mean Mandrake Elixir?Buy it from the Fairy Forest for 2 passes :)