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nope,they had their final season at season 9

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she finished in series 6 along with chad Michael Murray

Yes, there is a season 8 of One Tree Hill.

there is going to be a season 8 of One Tree Hill (I know this from an inside source). They are still thinking about season 9.

They are currently in the proccess of making One Tree Hill Season 9 and it is said this is going to be the last season

Yes they just aired their last season of One Tree Hill they have a total of 9 seasons.

Tree Hill its the name of the town and theres only one Tree Hill

There have been 7 seasons made of one tree hill already. The producers have decided to make a eighth season but that will be the last one.

Well currently One Tree Hill, is at season 8. Please click on the link provided below, to watch seasons 1 to 8 of The CW's "One Tree Hill " online for free. One Tree Hill aires on TV on Tuesdays @ 8:00-9:00PM, The CW.

yes there is going to be a season 7

Yes they already did. they now are going to have a season 9

The Name One Tree Hill comes the saying "There's only one Tree Hill" from Karen in season one.

No there will not be a season 10 of one tree hill

April 20th 2009..... its still going

There are 8 season in one tree hill

There are 9 seasons of one tree hill.

The town is called Tree Hill and in season one Karen tell Lucas: "There is only one Tree Hill, and it's your home".

Kate Voegele appears on One Tree Hill often, and is casted for the 9th season of One Tree Hill.

One Tree Hill is filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina. The town of Wilmington doubles as Tree Hill.

Well, there are actually heaps of trees in the little town of tree hill. The tv show title is that there is only one tree hill in the world.

Hayden Christensen was never in One Tree Hill.

Yes, there is a season 8 of One Tree Hill.

Yes, there is a season 8 of One Tree Hill.